Easter Cards are coming!!!!

I posted the first of many Easter Cards coming on the Etsy site!!!  The best thing about digital cards is that they are subjective.

Wand more tulips?? I can add more tulips.  

Want squires instead of bunnies?  DONE.  

Want more than 1 picture?  Easy.  

Click on the picture to go to my site WarmTidings

Easter Card 1


Want a custom card, invite, announcement?   Send me an email at CraftyOrganizer80@gmail.com and we can get started.  All digital cards cost just $5 payable via PayPal or check or if you go through the Etsy site you can pay with a credit card.

Available in any size you want.  I mainly work in 5×7 or 4×6 but as you will see on the Etsy site there are 4×8 there too  🙂

I will email you the digital file in a high resolution JPEG format.  I will also send you the link to the file uploaded to shutterfly, along with coupon codes if applicable, so all you have to do is order.

I would love feedback on any thing you would like to see.

Here is what’s coming yet….

I am working on packs of 5 physical cards both religious and secular.  Hoping to have those posted this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by today!!!



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