Organizing for productivity

Last weekend I was in an organizing mood and was a little anxious about being more organized.  Let’s face it you can’t be 100% organized all of the time.  It’s not even an option when you have a toddler and another job.  At least it isn’t for me.  So with starting the Etsy Site and trying to make sure I have everything ready if I get orders I wanted to make sure I had all of my stuff in one spot instead of piled in a bin.

Here is the Before…



So with an inexpensive file bin from Staples and hanging file folders that I already had here is my newly organized file box


I have my box of cards at the front of the bin with what I already have listed for sale.  I have all of my Paper and embellishments in the folders ready to go when I need them.  I will also have spots for specific projects if I have to pre-cut or don’t have them put together yet.

and this is what my bin looks like now.  It’s just my tools



It’s all about things having a place and making sure they are organized logically.  For example I separated my stickers into Alphabets vs Embellishments.  Why?  Because then I don’t have to sort through them all if I am looking for one or the other.

So then with my new motivation for organizing I helped a friend get all of her scrapbook stuff organized.  The Pictures with the papers she was going to use.  So then it will be much easier for her to get going on her projects because everything is no longer in a huge daunting pile that is easier to ignore.  😀

Putting everything in one spot make productivity that much easier.  Let’s see how many projects I can crank out this weekend.  Stay tuned for more posts!!!

Tomorrow’s post – Can too many pens & pads of paper hamper productivity???

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