Pens & Paper – Can too much hinder productivity?

I love office supplies.  I could spend hours and hours in a Staples or an Office Max.  Now that I work for an Office Supply Wholesale/Distribution company I have access to even more.


I have a lot of pens and pads of paper and I am beginning to wonder if having so many choices is hindering my productivity.

“What color pen should I use today?  I need to use blue for To-DOs, red to write the priority and Green to take notes.  I need this pad of paper for this project, this one for general notes, and another to have just in case”    

I get everything planned out, my Lists are ready to go and then somebody stops over asks something and I Jot it Down. Where you ask? On my beautiful to do list and now “It’s Ruined”.  I re-write my lists every couple of days to make sure I haven’t missed anything.  The more I am writing the more I am realizing I am a bit crazy and I could be spending a lot more time doing other things.



There’s more than just this.  I know scary right?



So for my first April Challenge.  For 1 week I am going to only use 1 Pen and 1 Pad of Paper (a notebook) and see how much more I get done.  It’s going to be a busy week so it might be kind of hard to measure but It should be interesting.  It’s all about simplification



I am going to try this at home too.  I have my one book where I keep most of my life and plan so hopefully I can stick to using just that.  It’s small so I may have to use some sticky notes or put some backup paper in the pockets  😀

photo (11)


Here’s to a happy April full of motivation and simplification.  Be sure to go and check out my other Blog.  Baby Hips and see what I have going on over there.  🙂

Happy Friday everybody!!!




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