Fall Wedding Invitation – Original design

I finally finished designing my first original Wedding invitation, it’s Fall Themed.  I hope you like it

Wedding invite presentation

Invitation will be available on my Etsy Site WarmTidings (www.etsy.com/shop/WarmTidings) shortly.   All text will be able to be modified to the customer’s needs.

The invitation itself measures 5×7 and the RSVP is a standard postcard size.    Pricing is $1.50 per set (Invitation, RSVP, and Envelope)

Here are some closeups pics.

Fall Wedding Invite

Fall Wdding invite RSVP - Vista Print Size - Page 001 Fall Wdding invite RSVP - Vista Print Size - Page 003

Fall Wdding invite RSVP - Vista Print Size - Page 002


I Included two options for the back of the RSVP card.  Let’s face it, not everybody has a sit down dinner.     Hope you like them.  Hoping to add some other things to the “Wedding Suite” soon like, Place Cards, Table Cards, Save the Dates, and Thank You Notes!!!   You will be the first to see them as I create them.

Hope you like it.  Would love any feedback that you have!!!!!

Hope to be sharing some more new stuff soon!!



New Etsy Item – Water Bottle Lables

I am jumping on the bandwagon and creating Water Bottle Covers.  I was busy over the weekend and created 4 different designs to go with invitations I had already listed.  Also, want to give a shout out to my sister for introducing me to them and having me make them for my niece’s birthday party.    Click on the pictures below to go to the Etsy shop listing for each item.   All items are an instant download for just $2

Frozen water bottle - blue

Frozen - Purple - Bottle

Frozen - Melted ice - Bottle

Construction Party Worker Water

Like what you see but would LOVE something a little different?  NO PROBLEM.     I will customize any project for FREE.

Thanks for stopping by today!!!!


Do you want to build a snowman? – Party Activity

I am loving the Etsy business and the creativity of my customers; today was no exception.   Instead of creating an invitation to the party this customer wanted an activity for their Frozen party.  They wanted all of the text removed and at the top have it say…

Do you want to build a snowman?

Then under the text would be where each guest drew their very own Olaf the snowman.

How cool of an idea is that??

Here is what the project looked like.  The file I created was a 5×7 but I could totally see it being an 8.5×11 to give ample drawing room.

Do you want to build a snowman - activity


This just adds to the things that I can do with custom orders at my shop WarmTidings.   Check out what I have today!!

I don’t charge extra for customization.  All digital cards are just $5

Coming up tomorrow…

Water Bottle Labels!!!

See you tomorrow.  Happy Memorial Day everybody.


Warm Tidings – now creating Wedding invitations

1891603_651605174895386_98081938_oI got asked by a friend of my sister’s to create her wedding invite.  Because I am always up for the challenge I was happy to help her out.    She showed me some ideas that she had and what she liked so then I ran with it. After about a week of work (that’s with working and fulfilling other orders) I got her a first pass and she was so happy with the results.

If you or somebody you know are looking for custom wedding invites, save the dates, or anything else please feel free to send me a note on etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/warmtidings by clicking on Contact the shop owner on the left.

I try really had to keep the invite cost to be right around $1.50 per invite.  That includes all envelopes and enclosures and my “creative time”  I will have them printed and I will send them to you if you don’t live near me.   If you know what you want and have all of your information we could have printed invites within 2 weeks.

Please check out my shop for some other things I have created.  I am working on some mock ups of invites and I will be posting those soon!

Hope you will check out the store and let me know if you are interested in any of my services  🙂


Mother’s Day Card: Tin Ceiling

Happy Tuesday everybody.  I finally got my Mother’s Day cards done over the weekend and wanted to share.  (Sorry mom if you see this and aren’t surprised by your card!!).  I wanted to come up with something with a vintage feel and of course I wanted to use my new toy.    Hope you like the idea!!!

First off here is the list of tools that I used to make the card:

I made 2 of these and they took me roughly 15 minutes.

  • Sizzix
  • Wildflower vines embossing plate
  • Silver Metallic Card stock
  • Decorative Paper
  • Reflections blank greeting cards either in White or Ivory (purchased from Michael’s) roughly a 5×7 size folded
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers


I cut squares to fit in the plate out of the silver metallic card stock.  You don’t have to be super precise here, you will trim them anyway.

IMG_7567You need 4 or more squares for each card

Adhear the 4 squares to the card to make it look like a tin celing


Knowing that I was going to be putting “Mom” on the card I put a center piece in to help make sure that the letter laid nicely


Using the Sizzix I made the word “Mom” from my Block talk plate and fancy purple paper I had


After looking at the card I knew it needed a little something extra so I colored in some of the flowers.


Add a nice note and picture on the inside and done!   I won’t show you the inside, my mom needs some kind of surprise for Mother’s day!!!

Hope everybody has a great rest of their week and a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there!!!!


Like what you see – check out my etsy shop with digital cards & invitations – click on the logo below



Check out this card from a fellow blogger Jill. This is so cute and wanted to share with everybody!!!!

Crescent Number Nine

Well…who doesn’t like Despicable Me?? Its one of the most fantastic kids films there is. I particularly love Agnes, the unicorn-loving little girl because like her I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for unicorns…THEY’RE SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!! My nursery children also love to pretend to be Minions and this is where the inspiration came from for today’s card…

Minion Birthday Card

I started out with this design thinking it would be great for kids birthdays, but I quickly realised that really anyone who loves these little guys would love a Minion card so I think they are pretty multi-functional. They would actually make a great cheer-up card for someone a bit under the weather and I think with the addition of the phrase ‘you’re one in a minion!’ they would be great for valentine’s day too!

Despite it’s cute-ness and how much I love it, this card has almost given me nightmares because…

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