Let me introduce you all to Swagbucks

I was introduced to Swagbucks a couple of years ago and didn’t realize its full potential until recently.

Here is how it works

Watch videos, take surveys, sign up for newsletters, shop and get “Swagbucks”.  Use your smartphone, Computer, or tablet.  One at a time or some of us use all three at once!!!

Swagbucks turn into gift cards for a whole bunch of different places, Starbucks, Target, Amazon, to name a few.  Redeem your swagbucks for gift cards that never expire and shop away.

Meet your daily goal, get a bonus.  Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, find swagcodes, and get more swagbucks.

There are so many ways to get free money it’s crazy.  I have only been really active the last couple of months and I already have $60 in Amazon gift cards.  YAY, shopping money for my boy’s birthdays and Christmas.

Want to join in on the FREE MONEY???  Here is the link!  Swagbucks.com/refer/19trigirl80

GO NOW!!!!  And also check out the Etsy site  😀

Be back with more soon



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