Weekly Coupon Fun

I am really bummed that I missed out on FIVE inserts in last week’s paper.  I wasn’t as organized as I typically am so this week I am going to start a little earlier than Sunday morning when I typically leave for the store by 9:30am.

My biggest source of coupons is from Swagbucks, remember that post from yesterday?  In case you missed it here is the link <SWAGBUCKS POST>.  Yup, you get to use the coupon and then get 10 swagbucks for every coupon you redeem.  It’s like double dipping.

So I print my coupons, if I have inserts I go through those.  I plan my meals for the week and make my list then it’s off to the store I go.  Remember to make your nifty grocery list pocket to keep all of your coupons together <Grocery List Pouch> I try really hard to actually go through the store in order and try to make sure I don’t miss anything so that I don’t have to back track.   Yeah well that never works.  On top of going through a Super Target twice I then have to go to two other stores.  It takes forever for me to get all of the shopping done, but I do have almost $50 a week so that’s a huge win in my book!!!

So now it’s time to get working on my list for tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everybody!!!



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