Robin Williams – A tribute

I know a lot of people are going to be posting stuff about the incredibly sad death of Robin Williams.  I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from movies that are part of me and part of who I have become.  Ha it actually might explain a couple of things.

Aladdin:  Robin was of course was known as the Genie but seriously how much of this do you think the Disney people actually wrote??

We will never have a friend like you!

Popeye: Sleep Tight Swee’Pea’

Always eat your spinich


Because we have been there – Thank you Mrs. Doubtfire

While these are clips from only a select few of his movies.  Robin Williams was a comedic genius and will be missed by the world.   Of all of the celebrities that have died this one is hitting me the hardest.  Maybe because this time it wasn’t an accidental drug overdose.   Somebody who brought so much joy to so many people had so many demons that he couldn’t find peace with himself on this earth.  Rest in Peace Robin.



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