Grocery Shopping? Have coupons? Quick shopping day coupon organization.

2015 got me really started on couponing and trying to save some $ at the grocery store.  I have no trouble getting coupons and clipping and putting them in my handy dandy coupon holder; but the trouble was when I was going to go to the store.  I would be fumbling, trying to pay attention to my son and getting everything off my list.

So I created this handy pocket that had my list, reminders to make sure I did all of my couponing, and what we were going to eat this week.

It’s super easy.

  1.  Print the template on a sheet of normal printer paper or cardstock.  Cardstock is nice if you have it because it makes the pocket a little more sturdy.IMG_9850
  2. Fold the sheet in halfIMG_9851
  3. Use staples or tape to secure the sides.  Be sure the staples are close enough together so that the coupons don’t slip out.  IMG_9852
  4. Then you have a two sided list/coupon pocket to make your shopping trip less hectic.

Hope you take the idea and run with it!!!!

Have a great day everybody!



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