Grocery Shopping? Have coupons? Quick shopping day coupon organization.

2015 got me really started on couponing and trying to save some $ at the grocery store.  I have no trouble getting coupons and clipping and putting them in my handy dandy coupon holder; but the trouble was when I was going to go to the store.   Continue reading


Small Business Saturday = Etsy Sale


In honor of small business Saturday (and me trying to boost sales) I am offering a 10% discount on my ENTIRE etsy site now until July 15th.  Coupon Code:  SMALLBUS10

This includes custom invitations.  When I say custom it means you have a design in your head and I bring it to live to you.

Digital Cards

  • $5 Birthdays, Graduations, Announcements: (4×6 or 5×7 size)
  • $15 Weddings/Big Parties are $15 (1 5×7 invitation, 1 double sided post card).

Printed Wedding Invitations

$150+ $10 shipping: Includes

  • 100 5×7 invitations, 100 double sided post card RSVPs, 100 White Envelopes.
  • All creative and customization
  • Shipped Directly to your door via UPS

All prices BEFORE discount

Check out my site for what I have already created.   If there is something you like from one and would like to blend it with elements from another one.  No problem!!!!

All colors, embellishments can be custom to your specific event.

Let’s get started TODAY!!!!  Ok here is the website (the link is to the right too)


Snow, Cold, Stuck in the House? What do you do with your day?


I will more than likely be expanding my weekend to do list with things to do while we are stuck in the house because it’s going to snow AGAIN!.

I just have to embrace that this is our first year living in IL and we are going to break snow records.   So in that case we have to prepare.  Prepare to have enough food in the house to cook enough meals to be ready.  After all, if you are prepared the snow won’t come.  Right?  So, no matter what the weather does I’m hoping for a productive weekend.

Here is what we got done already today:

  • Coupons Clipped
  • Grocery Shopped
  • Planning out my week of blog posts for both blogs
  • Relaxed as much as my 2 year old would let me.

If you are stuck at home, what do you do to be the most productive??

So here is to a couple of inches of more of the white stuff and then a brutal wind that will blow it EVERYWHERE.    To those readers that live in warmer climates, I am jealous but feel free to comment on why your area is the best. We are going to move to warmer climate at some point and need to decide where.  🙂

Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of their weekend!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Week – The Craziness begins


This week is surely the calm before the storm for a lot of people.  While we have started Christmas shopping we are nowhere close to done.  As the holidays approch with a fierceness it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the things you want to do.  The best advice I can give you is to PRIORITIZE Here is a list of things to keep in mind when you are getting ready for the holidays to keep them as stress free as possible.

  • Write it down:  Write down EVERYTHING you need to do.  It will be WAY easier to prioritize if it’s on paper than in your head.  Face it if it’s just in your head it’s never going to get done because this is the time of year to get side tracked and flustered VERY EASY.  Don’t try to be Super Memory Person this time of year. 
  • Deadlines?:  If there is something you need by a certain date, crank that out first.  Things like ordering gifts, whether they are personalized, a photo gift, or something that takes some time produce, get it done early.  You will feel good that you crossed it off your list.  Also, you will probably save some money because most places are running deals early so they have less of a mad rush to produce things for customers.  Remember overnight shipping costs an arm and a leg (litterally)
  • What’s it for?:  Its it for a gift, a meal, or just a nice to have.  Think about the end result.  If it’s a gift or something easy and non-perishable.  Get it out of the way.  So what if it clutters your house for a little while.  What do you think the Holiday decorations are doing?  But if you stash it somewhere, REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT IT!!! Again, Write It Down.
  • Shopping list:  If you are going into a store you better have a list because with all of the distractions, holiday music, and all of the people running around you are going to get side tracked and forget why you are there and then way overspend you $ and come out with nothing that was on your list.  Key to shopping during the holidays FOCUS!!
  • Coupons: There is no reason to save even more $ while saving $ holiday shopping.  You are going to get innundated with coupons.  USE THEM!!! That’s what they are there fore, but again stay Focused on why you are in there and don’t get sucked into “I can buy this extra thing because I have a coupon”.
  • Recepits: Have a spot ready before you go out for receipts and gift receipts so that in case you have to return anything it makes it way easier on EVERYBODY!!!  Service desk people at your favorite store included!!!

These are just a couple of things to keep in mind during the very very very busy holiday season, but by employing a couple of things to keep you organized it will keep your stress level down and myself included a lot less grumpy!!  🙂

Have a great Monday everybody!!  Be back later in the week with more posts:  Lots going on in the next couple of weeks!!!


Saving $ is kind of fun

As most of you know I am an Accountant with a spending problem, but recently I have embraced Coupons, Loyalty clubs, and Sales!!!  I am the type of person that if there is a loyalty card sign me up, I am alright with letting their email clog up my inbox!!

So here are the saving that I got this week so far

Sports Authority

Join The League (it’s free)  and get a $5 welcome reward which they gave us right away for signing up in store.  Earn Points with addition purchases and get 5% back and money saving coupons in your inbox.

photo (9)


As always get the Target Debit Card, the $ comes directly out of your checking account and you get 5% back on every purchase, even at Starbucks in Target stores!!!

While shopping and picking up some baby stuff, I found Up & Up Diaper Genie Re-fills.  Individual Diaper Genie Refills were $10 each (which I’m pretty sure is high but I live in Illinois now), and the 3 pack of the Up & Up Brand were just $15.  So far they have been working great and will keep getting those.

Diaper Pail


This is becoming my favorite store, their sales are awesome and they have a bunch of perks with their savings card.  Of course because I have a CVS spitting distance from my apartment I had to sign up for the ExtraCare Card (yup this one is free too).  In my shopping trip today here is what I got and what I saved.

2 Pints on Ben & Jerry’s – Sale 2 for $7 saved $3.98

1 12 Pack of Scott Toilet Paper – On Sale for $7.77 saved $3.22

1 Gallon of Milk – On Sale for $2.69 saved $.30

1 Quart Lemon Lime Gatoraid – On Sale for $1 Saved $1.37

2 Bags of Lays Potato Ships – On Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free  Saved $4.29

2 Girl Scout Candy Bars – On Sale 2 for $2 saved $.94

Total Savings$15.47

AND earned $1.50 in ExtraCare bucks to use on my next shopping trip.  Yup that’s FREE Money!!!

I will keep you updated on my summer saving and let you know if I find any other awesome deals along the way!!!

Happy Saving Everybody!!