Never Forget

Today is a day of great day of reflection.  Where were you when the planes hit the twin towers?

I  remember the day vividly.  I had been at my job as an accounting intern for a major retailer in Wisconsin for 9 days and one of my co-workers said “A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center”.   I, who had never been to New York at that point was like “huh?” so I got online and it was everywhere.   We all were online trying to figure out what happened, proceeded to crash the internet at our company and then we had heard about the second plane.   Our heads were spinning not because we feared that somebody we knew or anybody got hurt it was more.  “What the heck is going on?”  I personally didn’t give much thought about the Pentagon and Pennsylvania planes the concern in the Midwest was that they were coming for the Sears Tower in Chicago next; they weren’t.  The damage was done in East and when the towers fell it was like “holy crap”.   They let us leave early from work, I was like “ok but I have to go to school anyway”.  So I called my mom once I got home, she was at the hospital with my sister who was in the process of having her first baby and it wasn’t pretty.  So I had asked do you want me to come to the hospital or should I go to school.  My mom said stay away so I went to school.

I went to my night accounting class and students were mad that we had class.  I was kind of happy for the distraction of journal entries.   My teacher was very matter of fact (he was awesome by the way) “If you want to leave, I understand but I have a syllabus to get through so we must press on”  We did a moment of silence for everyone involved and we pressed on.

12:16am 09/12 my Nephew was born and it was the first step toward moving forward.   A couple of days later after my sister had come home from the hospital there were all of the candle light vigils for everybody involved in the attacks and I remember driving her around so we could check it out in her urban neighborhood.  It was unbelievable.   But, I still didn’t understand the impact of what happened.

Fast forward 4 years to 2005…I FINALLY got to visit New York.   I was in Manhattan a week and got to go to “Ground Zero”.  I was expecting more but all it was was a fence, some pictures with a timeline and very large hole in the ground.   I didn’t understand why they hadn’t done more work.  Why wasn’t this cleaned up yet?  It had been four years.

This was one of the only pictures I took from that visit.ny-019

Fast forward to 2010.  I meet my husband.   I was excited because he was from New York and had seen the original towers and every year on 9/11 he watches the documentary films about the day.  2010 was the first year I watched them with him and I was slightly devastated.   The news in Wisconsin did this day no justice.  I had no idea how many people put their lives on the line and how many people who were just going to work that day while they were on mass transit or in their cars realized that they would never go home.   How many children lost a parent, maybe both their parents.  How many first respondors came to help so unselfishly and tried to save as many people as they could and many losing their own life in the process.

Fast forward 5 years to 2015.   I am working in Jersey City, just across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center.   I get off the train in Hoboken NJ.   I walk every day where some of the video was shot in those documentaries.   I look at the new building standing tall and the others that are going up around it and feel a sense of hope, but I also am very sad and truly feel the impact of that day.  I think every day, “Damn that building is big” and try to put the day into perspective and it’s hard.  There area around One World Trade is so built up now it’s pretty Neat to see.  Hard to remember that a lot of those buildings weren’t there when I had visited 11 years earlier.

Pictures from Hoboken, NJ

Picture from the 27th floor of the building where I work in Jersey City, NJ


Never Forget this day.  Remember where you were, remember to hug your friends and family a little harder today!!!




Motivation, what gets you going?

I have always been the type of person that has been, “It will work itself out.”  We will figure it out.” “Everything happens for a reason.”  Okay I am kind of over it and clearly I have to steer this wagon myself because Karma, hope, and prayer isn’t working.

I have a lot weighing on me lately and I am trying to figure out what the best order of events is because it seems like everything needs to be done NOW and YESTERDAY.   I’m over it, but I don’t want to procrastinate any longer.

I have a full time job that takes up about 70 hours of my week which leaves 98 hours for family, sleeping and my second job.   I am trying to figure out a balance all while trying to manage my home, my job, and my sanity.   I have so many ideas of things that I want to do that I think will help make life easier but then a curve ball comes and I throw my arms up and say screw it.

My #1 problem is that I take on too much and I want to do it all and I want it now, but that has never worked in the history of anybody so I guess I need to get that out of my head right now.    Piece by Piece I will get there and life will be good.  I need to figure out how to cut corners for a while so that of course the #1 stresser in my life, money, is in a slight abundance in our house.

So I am coming up with a series of posts as I work through balancing my life and health along with some creativity and things that help me through my day.   Hope you will come a long.

Also, please share what motivates you on a day to day basis to help you get through.  There are people of all types out there that have different stresses in life and we are all here for each other!


From Creative Memories to Panstoria…an Upgrade

I took the plunge today and converted my StoryBook Creator and my Memory Manager to Panstoria’s Artisan and Historian.  The main reason is that because the Creative Memories versions of the software is no longer supported and with the Etsy business, I didn’t want to lose anything.

Also, my digital content needs a bit of re-fresh so I wanted to make sure I had software that would support the new content.

So I took the leap and downloaded the new software.


Purchase software from

Historian —–>

Artisan ——->

After your purchase you will get an email with your Download link and the product key.


Here are the steps to get your Memory Manager into Historian (pssst…it’s super easy)

Download the software & go through the install wizard and activate your software.

You can create a new “Vault” but it’s not necessary.

Just navigate on your computer, or external hard drive where you old vault was saved and open it up in Historian and you are ready to go.


With Historian you had a to think a little bit but not with Artisan.

Download the software and go through the wizard.  Go through the process to activate your software.

When the software installs it will say.  Hey we see you already have Storybook Creator Do you want to Migrate your content?


Almost instantaneously it’s done and you can go on your way creating beautiful things.  It’s really that simple!

Please comment if you have any questions.  As always you can find me on Facebook  The Crafty Organizer

Can’t wait to show you my first project using the new software.  Off to Create some more cards, invites, and more.

(pssst check out the Etsy site —————————————->)



1,000 Mile Journey – Week 1 Recap

Hi everybody,

It has been quite the week.  First Week of Work, First time driving to New Jersey by myself.  First time to Cooperstown.  So many first and boy do we have the pictures to prove it.    And the best part was that we unloaded the truck and NOTHING was damaged.  I kind of rock at packing a truck.  If anybody reading this lives in New York and needs help loading a truck.  I am for hire.  🙂

I am a little overwhelmed with the things that have to be done when you move to a new state.  Lesson learned that every state is different so do your research!

I am meeting a ton of new people and the job is awesome.  It’s pretty much exactly what I want to be doing with my career.  Doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m excited about the opportunity so that’s over half the battle.

IMG_8742 IMG_8754

I am overwhelmed with the excitement that I live among mountains and get to look at them every day when I go to work.  I also love that it’s fall, it’s my favorite season and there are a gazillion trees around here so can’t wait to see peak season.

I will keep you updated with organizing tips as we are getting settled along with other lessons learned in this journey.

Sorry this post was a little scatterbrained.  A lot on my mind and a lot that I want to get done before the work week starts again!!

Talk to you all soon!!!


1,000 Mile Journey – It’s been crazy around here

We made it.  Two days and fourteen hours in a 16 foot truck later, we are here.  I thought I was going to be nervous driving a huge truck with all of our belongings in it, but I wasn’t.  Maybe I am destined to be part of the trucking industry.   We stayed in Toledo Ohio night one.   The hotel was scary so needless to say we didn’t sleep very well.  However, they did have a Texas Roadhouse next door so we went there to get something to eat and we at least got to watch the Brewer game.

We headed out early the next morning to assume our fate of driving through both Ohio and Pennsylvania.   Fun fact about Ohio is that their gas was really CHEAP.  I got gas for $3.01 I almost fell over.   For Pennsylvania, I would recommend just eating in the car and try to get through as quickly as possible.  For me, it was very scenic, especially over the mountains, but stopping anywhere was kind of shifty.

My Truck companion Otto the dog, was fantastic on day 2.  Eventually he just slept on his seat, trying to avoid the sun and just did his own thing.  It was a lot easier keeping him in the truck with me than I thought it would be.

Once we crossed the boarder into New York it was awesome, knowing that we were almost at our destination and thinking about how far we had come was amazing.  I wanted to look at everything, but of course I couldn’t because I would crash the truck so I will have to take a drive to that spot again just to see it for all of it’s amazingness.

We had to be to the apartment complex by 6pm and we made it with a half hour to spare.  We got our keys and went to the new place.  We started unloading the truck and got the bed in and some other things, ran out to the store to get some essentials and then called it a night.  9 hours of driving was enough and we knew we had a lot to do the next day so we planned accordingly.

So since getting here on Wednesday; we bought a car, a couch, met up with my in-laws to collect our kid (thanks to the for flying him out so he wouldn’t have to ride in the car) and we managed to get the truck unpacked by Friday so we could return the truck on time.

Today we went on a drive to my new office and to figure out the commute.  photo (34)

There were some other pretty spectacular shots, I will share more when I can get some.

So tonight after getting the toddler to bed for the first time in his new home, it was time to get some more unpacking done.   This is what I got accomplished tonight.


I know it doesn’t look like much but seeming as if 90% of my clothes are hung, and I have to start work on Monday, this is a big deal.  I know that this was a really long post, but here are some other pictures.  These were taken from the Grocery Store Parking lot.

IMG_8551 IMG_8552

I ❤ Mountains!!!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend everybody I will post more as we are organizing the new place.


1,000 Mile Journey – It’s truck day

I can’t believe it’s here.  So much has happened and I am preparing myself for complete exhaustion, let’s just hope the coffee maker doesn’t get broken in the move!

We are about 80% packed.  I still have to do the kitchen, but with as much as I have moved packing a kitchen is easy peezy.   Plus we are not leaving until tomorrow morning  so that makes packing up the truck less daunting.

Here is how we are doing with our AGENDA

  • Find a job – CHECK
  • Find somewhere to live – CHECK
  • Schedule moving truck – CHECK
  • Start purging and figuring out what we need to pack so we can figure out the supplies – IN PROCESS
    • Organize into Move, Sell, Toss categories.  And….GO
  • Get all necessary supplies, thank goodness I work for a wholesale distributor of that kind of stuff.  Can get it way cheaper and in bulk. – Shockingly enough Office Max saved the day with their brand banker’s boxes and coupons!!!  Saved a Ton of $$$
  • Start Packing – IN PROCESS
  • Keep Packing – KEEP GOING
  • Yup, it never ends
  • Take a break and spend some time with family and the Milwaukee Brewers – CHECK, Thank you to my sister for the awesome party it was so wonderful to see everybody!!!!
  • Pin some “How to pack a moving truck pins” on Pinterest – CHECK
  • On the way to get the truck make a couple of administrative stops
    • Bank
    • Post office
    • Get some more totes and a lock for the truck
  • Get the truck and start loading
  • Late morning Tuesday – We’re off!!!!

I was really sad yesterday when I had to leave my baby boy with his Grandparents.  I am eternally grateful to them for taking care of him and keeping him out of our way.  But I am still a little sad and I suck at goodbyes so needless today I teared up a bit (I am not too writing this).

Ok so just read our lease, I cannot wait until we can buy a house and we don’t have so many rules and regulations.  Ugh.

Time to get this day started.     Happy Monday Everybody!!!


1,000 Mile Journey: We get the truck in a week

So…Much…Purging.  It’s crazy to think about how much stuff we have accumulated over the course of 15 months, how much stuff we moved the last time and now much stuff I REFUSE to move again.  Needless to say, black garbage bags are my friend the last couple of days, that and my shredder.  I have also come to terms that I am a bit of a notebook hoarder!!  It’s sad, but it’s true.  It goes along with the name of the blog after all, but I really need to stop moving so many notebooks, just so then I can go and buy more.  Is there a meeting for Paper Hoarder’s Anonymous ??

Ok so here is where we stand on the AGENDA

  • Find a job – CHECK
  • Find somewhere to live – CHECK
  • Schedule moving truck – CHECK
  • Start purging and figuring out what we need to pack so we can figure out the supplies – IN PROCESS
    • Organize into Move, Sell, Toss categories.  And….GO
  • Get all necessary supplies, thank goodness I work for a wholesale distributor of that kind of stuff.  Can get it way cheaper and in bulk. – Shockingly enough Office Max saved the day with their brand banker’s boxes and coupons!!!  Saved a Ton of $$$
  • Start Packing – IN PROCESS
  • Keep Packing – KEEP GOING
  • Yup, it never ends
  • Take a break and spend some time with family and the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Get the truck and start loading
  • Next afternoon – we are off.

I have a couple more projects I want to get through the next couple of days.  Such as “Operation, get the paper onto my computer, it’s lighter” and “Operation, I’m not a traditional crafter so I don’t need all of these supplies”.  The latter is underway and some great ladies I hooked up with may be buying most of my stuff.  I would rather get it to somebody cheap and know they are going to use it than throw it out so I don’t have to move it.  Scrapbooking and Card-making is an expensive hobby, so if I can help somebody else out it’s totally worth it.

Today I sold my Sizzix, remember I was going to make it big with my jersey cards.  Yeah that didn’t work by the way.  But the lady that bought it off me, for a great deal, is using it at her crop events in McHenry IL, where they supply all of the equipment and all of the proceeds from the event go to Relay for Life.  It’s awesome and I am so happy that I could contribute!!

Okay going to go and throw out some more crap before we have to go and get the kid.   Also hoping to get some new wedding invitation designs up early this week on my Etsy shop (CLICK HERE) Have a great Sunday everybody.


1,000 mile journey: 2 weeks to go

Big milestone today, WE HAVE SOMEWHERE TO LIVE!! You have no idea how short my nails are. I figured we would get it, but it’s the unknown that is so crazy. So now it’s time to make lists. Who am I kidding I actually did this over the weekend. Lists for everything we have to schedule, to get hooked up, and to turn off. I feel like I have done this enough that it should be easier. Don’t worry for everybody moving I will share my lists and post them so you can use them as reference.

So now because we have an apartment We got the truck scheduled and got some boxes so now we can start. :). Two weeks is going to go by fast so it’s going to be really important to stay organized!!!
So excited about our journey!!!!

Until later

1,000 Mile Journey – Our days are numbered…FINALLY

Well, here we go.  After a couple of months of plotting and planning and a hundred of resumes later, we are finally making the big move to New York.  No we are not moving to the city, that’s just crazy.  But, believe me we will be visiting there often.

So the point of this series is to chronicle our move.  Partially so that I remember everything that happened while we were moving for scrapbook purposes.  Also, to show that as long as you are organized it doesn’t matter how far you are moving or the fact that you have to do it in about two weeks.  🙂

The Agenda:

  • Find a job – CHECK
  • Find somewhere to live – well…waiting until after the holiday weekend to see if we got an apartment.  FINGERS CROSSED!
  • Schedule moving truck – will do once we know for sure we have a destination, but quotes have been done.
  • Start purging and figuring out what we need to pack so we can figure out the supplies
    • Organize into Move, Sell, Toss categories.  And….GO
  • Get all necessary supplies, thank goodness I work for a wholesale distributor of that kind of stuff.  Can get it way cheaper and in bulk.
  • Start Packing
  • Keep Packing
  • Yup, it never ends
  • Get the truck and start loading
  • Next afternoon – we are off.

So then while doing all of this stuff, don’t worry I will keep you updated on the progress.  There are all of the other things that I want to try to get done before we leave so then I don’t have to worry about it when we get out there and I have to start work.

Things like

  • Find a Daycare for kid
  • Pediatrician
  • Vet
  • Car insurance
  • How to get our leased car registered
  • Sell my car before we leave

I already have a written list for this, I will keep you updated on this one too.

I am always up for a good challenge.  Hoping that this will translate into some weight-loss too.  🙂  I like to forget to eat when I am in a zone.

If there are any readers out there that have any tips for long distance moves PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!   I will take all of the advice I can get!

Will send an update soon!!!!!