Frozen invites are here – Etsy Shop madness

Trying to find that one thing that is going to drive a new business is difficult.  I was so excited about my Jersey invites, but it’s almost too much of niche market.  So I started building my Disney collection of invites and what better way to promote my business than to have a line of Frozen invites.  After all, it is the highest grossing Disney movie of all time  🙂

Here is the collection.  Each photo is hyperlinked to the listing in my Etsy Store.

Frozen Boy





All invitations can be customized.  Do you like an element from one but would like it on another?  No Problem.  Want the font changed?  Easy.  Please share with anybody you know that is a huge fan of the movie.

Also, these can be invites for ANYTHING.  It could be a frozen movie party.  Also I could take out the wording and add pictures as Thank You notes for the Frozen birthday party.  The sky is the limit!!!!

I hope you like them.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week for more card ideas, non-digital this time  🙂



September Project #2: Toddler Flash Cards

Now that my son is almost 2 I figured it was time to for him to really start learning something.  I know there are a ton of different apps for phones and tablets out there that help your kid learn, but I remember growing up there was nothing like a good flash card.  I also thought that hey, Jack is only 2 and he is going to destroy these so it would be best if I didn’t invest a ton of money into flash cards so let’s make them.  Plus when he gets bored with these we can always make more.

Here is what you will need:

  • 3×5 index cards (or any size you want really)
  • Markers
  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Scissors


Start by writing/drawing whatever you want on the cards.  The object on the front and what it is on the back

I did a group of Colors, Shapes and Objects.






For the Objects I raided my sticker collection and what I didn’t have I printed using Google images and pasted them onto the card.

once you have all of your cards set it’s time to start Laminating.  Clear contact paper is perfect for this because it’s less expensive.  It’s under $10 for an entire roll that will last a while and you don’t need any machines.

Cut a decent sized sheet from the roll and with the backing up pull it back to expose the sticky side up.


Get enough up so that you can put your first card down.

IMG_5998Keep repeating until you have filled the sheet with cards.

IMG_5999I put the back back over the top so it would be easier to cut them them apart and not get sticy



Cut them apart and then repeat the same steps as above for the other side of the card.



Once completed I had 26 learning cards for Under $1

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Sunday – My Day to get organized for the week and reflect on the weekend

I always find that Sunday night, after the baby goes to bed, is when I have the most energy.   I reflect on the weekend,  I organize all of the pictures that are on the camera and get them ready to get onto pages.  I also get everything ready for the week and start thinking about what I want o accomplish during the week.  My biggest problem is that I am just thinking about these things and not writing them down.  So, with the help of my friends at and my trusty new planner type notebook, I feel that much more organized and can take on just a little bit more during the week.

photo (11)

With all of that said, here are my goals for the week.  I will post next Sunday to let you know how I did.  And while you wait go check out the ladies at great inspiration every day!!!

Every Week Goals

Laundry put away
Plan weekly dinners
Make lunches
Kid routine

Special Projects for this week
Keep working on my 2012 Scrapbook
Pick up the pace on blogging so much to say in August
Hang Curtains
Organize new desk
Start taking the train to work 1 day a week to be able to get personal admin

It doesn’t seem like a very big list, but with a lot of time in the car where multi-tasking isn’t an option it makes for a very small window of time to get things done in the evening, but I am up for the challenge!!!!

Follow me while I am on a serious mission to be organized, healthy, and sharing my memories with the world!!!!

See you all later in the week!!!


It’s A Boy…It’s A Girl.. NEW Fast to Fabulous Albums from Creative Memories

Do you love the look and feel of scrapbooks, but get completely overwhelmed by the idea of putting one together?  Creative Memories has come up with an fabulous solution for just that issue.  A pre-bound, designed and laid out book where you just add your personal touches.  It is called the Fast to Fabulous Album.  These albums are a perfect way to start getting your precious pictures into albums.

The two newest additions to the Creative Memories Fast to Fabulous are It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl. These albums make it so easy for a new mommy or grandma or anybody in the family to put their favorite pictures into an album in just an afternoon.  

The system comes with a 12×12 album with pre-loaded pages and features double-sided preprinted pages, stickers, die-cut shapes and foam squares that turn your memories into an instant treasure. The album features a printed design on the cover and includes page protectors to protect your cherished photos.

Prices for these albums is $68 each and are available starting March 1st on my website. or through me at any time.

It's A Girl It's A Boy


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Tales of a Concerned Mommy

Let’s just say that this is a crazy crazy world we live in.   It’s an election year so that makes people extra special at times.  There is gun violence everywhere and to top it off, my kid is speckled.  I thought Pregnancy was stressful this whole raising a kid while working full time, being a wife all while maintaining a household is kind of exhausting.  I know now why so many women just give up and say “I have no time”, “I’m exhausted”.  I am also beginning to realize that we as mommy’s, wives, and bread winners, that we are the cornerstone of our families.  Without us there would truly be mass chaos all of the time.

Here are some of the things that I am going to to do better myself and make sure I am the best I can be for my family.

I am learning the power of laughter.  It’s amazing how much better your feel after having a really good laugh that the tears run down your face.

Exercise:  Honestly right now I  feel disgusting, I am the biggest I have ever been in my life.  I am not nearly as fit as I once was so now it’s time to do something about it and make a change about it.  It’s time for self esteem to come back, even if just a little bit, FYI it’s way buried in there.

Take just a little bit of ME time.  Even if it’s just an hour (like time to write in a blog).  It just gives you a little time to re-boot and re-focus and move forward with day to day life.

Have fun saving money.  Coupons are your friend there is no reason to pay full price for a lot of things.  It’s worth the time and thinking about it most mommy’s multi-task so Clipping Coupons could be you down time.  See efficiency at it’s finest.

Keep those photo albums updated.  For my family, our photo albums are such entertainment to us.  I can’t wait until my son can actually start enjoying them.  Right now he’s 9 months old and all he wants to do is destroy the pages, he’ll get there.  Actually, just yesterday he finally noticed the pictures of us the day we brought him home from the hospital and he giggled when I pointed out Mommy, Daddy, and baby Jack.  LOVE IT!!!!!!  I know I looked at our photo albums CONSTANTLY as a kid.  In reality it was my version of reading.  I was studying my family and the past.  I want that for my baby boy.  🙂