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Hi everybody!!!

I know it’s been a long time and I am so sorry.  I am still trying to get my act together since the move and we are STILL trying to settle in.  More on that in another post…

I am excited to share the newest section on the my Etsy site WarmTidings.  It’s Wall Art Quotes.   In one of my various mom groups on Facebook a lady posted that she wanted quotes for her daughter’s room.   I mentioned that I had a site and that I would be happy to create something for her and well this is what we came up with.  (If you click on the picture it will take you to the listing.  )

Let her Sleep Though She be Little Today You are You

The best thing about digital files is that it is so easy to create exactly what somebody wants because everything can be altered.    I’m excited about this part of the shop just because I have always loved quotes and I find them so inspiring.  Plus it’s one of the most clicked on things on the blog.  😀

All quote prints are just $7 for any size or customization.

What are some of your favorite quotes or sayings??

Have a great rest of your day!!!!

Be back soon with all of my moving drama, the 1,000 mile journey continues….



Wednesday Greeting: Get well cards

I am putting my new velums to use.  I made these cards for my husband’s 92 year old grandmother that just had leg surgery and is doing really well.  Hopefully she likes them.

I’m using up my paper flowers.   I’m really going to miss those when they are gone, but I’m sure there is an alternative out there, fingers crossed.


Get well Quote card


“Get well soon”


 Showing the “bling” embellishments in the corners

I love the pre-scored cards with envelopes from Michaels.  They come in white, ivory, and black.  They are the perfect size and they are sturdy.  Plus with coupons/sales you can get them for not a lot of money!!!

Here is a link to the blank cards.  CLICK HERE

I hope you like the ideas.   Be sure to check back on Friday for a decorating idea!!

See you soon