Well Wishes Wednesday: Using up the scraps

Happy Wednesday everybody!!!   Hope everybody is having a great week so far.  More snow coming here in the Mid-west.  We are so ready for spring here.  Or just normal temperatures at this point.  I don’t need 80 I would just settle for a consistent 40 degrees!

I am continuing to put my homemade velums to work with two cards.   I knew I wanted to make a card that utilized my wavy cutter and what better color scheme than blues when you are dealing with waves.


For the Anniversary Card I layered a series of wavy pieces and attached a “Happy Anniversary” Velum printed in blue ink.  So because I had cut strips that were longer than the card.  I also had some extra strips that I didn’t use.  So I knew that I didn’t want to just throw out the scraps so I created the Happy Birthday card


I cut up the extra wavy pieces to make it look like Confetti with the Happy Birthday falling into the pile of Confetti.  When I was done with the card I thought it needed a little something extra so I glued blue sequins and some extra bling around the “happy birthday”

Hope you liked these card ideas.  Be sure to check out my Etsy Page – WarmTidings with Handmade cards for sale and digital invitations and cards coming soon!!!

See you Friday!!



Got Stamps? Make them art

So around Christmas I saw that the U.S. Postal service was coming out with some cool stamp collections.  Knowing that my husband was a fan of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash I thought I would get him the sets for Christmas.   When I was shopping on the USPS website I found that there were Miles Davis ones too so I got him those as well.

Fast forward to a week before Christmas and I am wrapping gifts.  I knew full well I couldn’t just wrap up the stamps and say “Here you go honey” and leave it at that.  Let’s face it I would end up having to display them somehow anyway so why not do it before he opens the gift.  So I happened to have a 12×12 frame laying around for something else we were going to frame.  You can get these really cheap at Michaels.  I then used Clear Photo Corners to mount the stamps.  I knew I didn’t want to straight mount them because face it they are stamps, it’s like money so I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of the stamp.  So, photo corners it was.  A little overlap is okay the other 3 corners kept it secure.

So now we have another piece of art on the wall made for only a couple dollars!!!


Thanks for checking it out.  Time to get working on some photo cards that I can share with you  😉


Organization Project: Blog Binder

While I post a lot and try to come up with original ideas, sometimes I need help.  Let’s face it I have a full time job and I maintain 2 blogs, have a toddler, and a husband.  Sometimes I get writers block.  🙂

I decided to de-clutter my work-space a bit and go through the huge stack of magazines that has been piled up for months.  I took key articles and ideas and put them all in one organized space.  So then when I need inspiration and ideas I can go there.  It’s my brand new blog binder.

IMG_6956I used labels to label the index tabs.  Much less expensive to replace tabs that you get in multi-packs instead of having to buy a whole new set of dividers.  These dividers are the ones with the folder pocket.

IMG_6957Having page protectors handy is good.  Magazine paper is flimsy so punching holes in it and putting it directly into the binder can be frustrating when you are actually trying to look at the pages and they rip.  Page protectors are perfect for the job.



Adding clippings like motivational sayings, recipes, or samples is perfect just to tape down to a sheet of printer paper and put in the binder that way.  The best part of this is that you have room to write notes.  Is the recipe good and worth making again?  Was the card difficult to make?  What modifications could you make?

IMG_6959Then there is the directly adding articles to the binder, this works well obviously for any type of handout, printout etc that you get.   I know, I know, this one is painfully obvious.  But just covering all of my bases.

Hoping to get back to posting regularly.  Life has been kind of crazy this week.

Thanks for stopping by today.

More to come!!!


September Project #1: DIY: Custom Framing Art on a Budget

Those that know me and my husband we do not like bare walls and we have a lot of art in the form of posters.  Framing items like prints and posters can be crazy expensive if you have it professionally done, so that wasn’t an option.   All of our art is framed in poster frames from Target, Walmart, or Michael’s.  Luckily enough most of the posters that we have are a standard size so we don’t have to worry about anything custom.

However there have been times when we have had to “Custom Frame” a print.

Here is what I do when I have to have something custom framed because it’s not a standard size but don’t want to break the bank and have somebody else do it.

Here is what you will need:

  • Black acid free Paper – Card stock works best, wouldn’t recommend construction paper
  • Scissors or straight trimmer
  • adhesive – tape runner, crafting glue
  • clear or black photo corners – will only need if your print is floating (I will explain below)






Cut strips of the black paper.  Make sure they are wide enough so that your print will overlap onto them.


Using the insert that is in every frame that we typically throw out.  Adhere the black strips onto the white side of the insert using your adhesive


Using clear photo corners I am going to Float the print in the frame.  Because the frame was the correct length then that worked well, but because the print was not wide enough we have to center it on the backing.


Once everything is in place, it’s time to put the frame back together and this is what you come up with.


For anybody wondering this was a limited edition Phish poster that we are very lucky to get because they sold out almost immediately!!!!

If the print was the correct height for the frame but not the right width you would not need the photo corners because it wouldn’t shift being up and down.  Like this one


So in about a half hour and using things you probably already have hanging around your house you can have a very professionally looking poster very quickly  🙂

Hope you enjoyed this project stay tuned for more and also don’t get too excited but the 31 days of Christmas will be returning this October so if there is something you want to see more of to help you will your holiday crafts let me know by leaving me a comment.

Thanks for stopping!!!

See you soon



Moving Update

I am feeling very behind on my blog and have lots to talk about so watch for a bunch of posts coming up!!!

We have been in our apartment now just over a week and we are still unpacking.  At least now I have a desk set up, although it has nothing in it, a step in the right direction.

We are very lucky to be loving the new apartment because we have to plan go go places. Thank goodness there is a CVS literally in our back yard for things that we need in a pinch

MONEY SAVING TIP – Get the CVS Card, it’s free and they have awesome deals on stuff.  This week I got 2 boxes of Cheerios, a staple in a toddlers life for $5.

For those that have IKEA  bookshelves…We managed to lose the pegs to one of our bookshelves.  I actually found replacements on amazon.com for $2.45 shipped!!!!!  I will be able to empty at least 2 more boxes once I get those.

We are still working on getting everything switched so that we can become actual Illinois residents, but that tends to be a little bit difficult when I am working every day.  Hopefully I can find a DMV or something that’s close to work.  That’s what Google maps is for.  That has been a life saver for me so far!!!!!

More to come from our adventure here in Illinois, it’s been interesting so far, but I’m sure it will get more and more interesting as the summer goes on.  Not loving road construction season though.

Be back soon!!!


31 Days of Christmas: Day 18 – CD Ornament

It’s recycle it Thursday again and I am revisiting the CD.  You know those things we used to put into players and listen to music.

Today’s project is a sun catcher, ornament combo.


CDs, Tacky Glue, permanent markers or alcohol ink, something dangle from the end, fish line, and a hole punch

Alcohol ink is really cool, you put it on a piece of felt and dab it onto a hard surface, mixing colors will give the tie-dyed look.  You can get it at most craft stores and lasts a really long time so its worth the investment.  It is a little pricey so permanent markers make a great substitute.  I mean who doesn’t have a couple of Sharpies laying around the house.

Decorate the shiny side of the CD’s.  Punch holes in the top and the bottom of each of the CDs  Glue the non-decorated sides together, make sure the holes line up.  Use fish line to tie the tiers together.  Use fish line to attach your item to dangle and fish line to create a hanger at the top.

I gave these to my family as little extra somethings one year for Christmas!!!

With CD’s the possibilities are endless and there are so many things that you can do with old CD’s, so don’t throw them out!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting FABULOUS Friday.  A Super Quick and exciting project coming your way!!!

See you tomorrow


Easter Project – Using a Priority Mail box!

Happy Easter everybody.

So I got to hang out with family today and every year I make Easter baskets (or buy them at walmart the day before) for my Nephew and Niece.  This year I decided to make their baskets, literally.  So what better thing to use than a Priority Mail box 🙂

I used two large Mailing boxes and assembled them.  I then cut the top flaps off.

For the outside, I used white cardstock and then wrapped Easter Cellophane around the outside.

Also I ran some pastel paper through the paper shredder for some colorful Easter Shred!!!

They were super simple to make and had plenty of room to fill with goodies!!!!


Happy Easter Everybody, stay tuned for more Priority Mail Box Fun!!!!

❤ Stef!!!

A little less of me…Time for Organization and Simplification – The Plastic Grocery Bag

I had my gall bladder removed this week.  What is a gall bladder you ask?  Well it’s another one of those useless organs that we can just live with out and will NEVER miss.  So, thanks to my little guy for giving me gall stones, out it came.  So, while I was laying in bed this week I started thinking about how to simplify our lives, because summer is coming and it’s all about the family and not worrying about life and just having fun.

I have been thinking about things I can use around the apartment that could serve another purpose.

Plastic Grocery Bags 

  1. GREAT as packaging material:  We sell a ton of stuff on eBay and instead of buying bubble wrap I use the Plastic grocery bags to cushion my envelopes
  2. A Lunch box:  This one is almost obvious, but when you have 100 plastic bags in your cabinet, you DON’T need to go and buy yourself a fancy new lunch box to carry your lunch in, plus if you are using plastic storage containers, most of those lunch boxes don’t fit anything, These are way more roomie.
  3. A Diaper Stink Controller:  Instead of buying the bags to put diapers in to control the stink, just have a couple of grocery bags stuffed in the diaper bag.
  4. A Dog Poop Bag:  I may need to spread the word to others in my apartment complex about this.  Guess what people if you use a bag it WON’T get on your hands.
  5. A GROCERY BAG:  This almost seems silly but think about it, even if we used the bags twice that’s huge.  I know that they rip really easy and getting two uses out of them sometimes just isn’t possible but it’s a thought right?

Stay tuned:  I am concocting some new things to do with Priority Mail Boxes.  I am going to put some things together and then I will post with pictures.

Hope everybody has a great day, Happy St. Patty’s day, please be safe and responsible.