Warm Tidings turns ONE!!!!!

I cannot believe a year has gone by since WarmTidings opened for Business.  It has been an incredible year both for the shop and for me.

The shop has evolved over the last year.  From hand made cards in the beginning to now, loads of invitations for Birthdays, Weddings, and more.

The best part about the shop are the people who ask me to create something for them that they either saw somewhere else or it’s something in their head.   The best part of it is that it’s another product that I can add to my site.   It’s so cool to hear about other people’s ideas and it’s even more awesome when I get the rare glimpse into how my project actually made it to the party!

Thank you for your support of WarmTidings, check back often to see more and more new things.    I have so many ideas I just have to get them created so that I can share with everybody.

Upcoming ideas:  Mickey & Minnie themed birthday, Royal blue wedding invitations.

What would YOU like to see on WarmTidings.

Check out WarmTidings and see if there is anything you like.  Thank you for reading the blog and checking out the shop here is a 15% of code for your next order  1STANNIVERSARY.  Code expires April 30, 2015

Please feel free to share the code with their friends!!

Be sure to also go and Like my Facebook Page WarmTidings by the Crafty Organizer to be up to date on all of the, ideas and new products coming.  Also please feel free to chime in with ideas and things you would like to see.

Thank you again for your support, now let’s get year 2 off to a great start!



Got Stamps? Make them art

So around Christmas I saw that the U.S. Postal service was coming out with some cool stamp collections.  Knowing that my husband was a fan of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash I thought I would get him the sets for Christmas.   When I was shopping on the USPS website I found that there were Miles Davis ones too so I got him those as well.

Fast forward to a week before Christmas and I am wrapping gifts.  I knew full well I couldn’t just wrap up the stamps and say “Here you go honey” and leave it at that.  Let’s face it I would end up having to display them somehow anyway so why not do it before he opens the gift.  So I happened to have a 12×12 frame laying around for something else we were going to frame.  You can get these really cheap at Michaels.  I then used Clear Photo Corners to mount the stamps.  I knew I didn’t want to straight mount them because face it they are stamps, it’s like money so I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of the stamp.  So, photo corners it was.  A little overlap is okay the other 3 corners kept it secure.

So now we have another piece of art on the wall made for only a couple dollars!!!


Thanks for checking it out.  Time to get working on some photo cards that I can share with you  😉


Snow, Cold, Stuck in the House? What do you do with your day?


I will more than likely be expanding my weekend to do list with things to do while we are stuck in the house because it’s going to snow AGAIN!.

I just have to embrace that this is our first year living in IL and we are going to break snow records.   So in that case we have to prepare.  Prepare to have enough food in the house to cook enough meals to be ready.  After all, if you are prepared the snow won’t come.  Right?  So, no matter what the weather does I’m hoping for a productive weekend.

Here is what we got done already today:

  • Coupons Clipped
  • Grocery Shopped
  • Planning out my week of blog posts for both blogs
  • Relaxed as much as my 2 year old would let me.

If you are stuck at home, what do you do to be the most productive??

So here is to a couple of inches of more of the white stuff and then a brutal wind that will blow it EVERYWHERE.    To those readers that live in warmer climates, I am jealous but feel free to comment on why your area is the best. We are going to move to warmer climate at some point and need to decide where.  🙂

Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of their weekend!!!!!


Yes I shop on Thanksgiving!!!

Ok sorry readers this is a little bit of a rant session, but please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Yes I shopped on Thanksgiving, and the day before that online, and Today (Black Friday) and maybe even tomorrow.   There have been a lot of posts about “Don’t shop on Thanksgiving” and it’s been really bothering me.  Here is why

  1. Don’t tell me what to do:  If shopping on Thanksgiving is part of mine and my husband’s tradition so be it.  There have been plenty of years we just go and walk through Walmart – look at all of the people in line and then leave without buying anything.
  2. Argument:  “People Leave their families to go shopping”:  Ok Maybe they do, but don’t assume that’s what everybody does,  I have a lot of friends that this is their FAMILY tradition.  They eat Dinner, Go through the adds, and then go out to the stores to get all of their Christmas Shopping done.
  3. Elephant in the Room:  Corporate Greed:  Then there is the “Corporate Greed” being somebody that worked in the retail industry at a corporate level for 10 years I saw first hand why these decisions were made.  Yes can it seem greedy, of course but it takes 1 retailer to make the decision to open early and they all have to follow suit.  It’s all about the door buster, you have to get people in the store.  If you don’t have super cool door busters you aren’t going to be the first stop.  And that’s ok but if you aren’t open when the shoppers are going to Target to get good deals on Diapers and Christmas Gifts???  Guess what, those shoppers aren’t coming back!!  Being open earlier on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean more people are shopping,  they are just shopping at different times.  Corporate knows that.  Walmart started opening earlier to stop the trampling, glad to see that worked.  lol
  4. I work in retail and I have to work tonight:  All of the workers I saw last night were in a pretty good mood, they think the shoppers are crazy.  If you hate working Black Friday so much then get out of retail, there are plenty of others that would be glad to take the job.
  5. Violence:  This is because Stupid people get way too worked up.   A couple of incidents in areas where people just don’t care about anybody but themselves shouldn’t ruin a tradition for everybody.    Where I was shopping, it was relatively quiet, people got what they were looking for and then they left.   Actually pretty uneventful.
  6. A special Thank you:  To all of the Police Officers directing traffic and taking care of the drunk guy in my parking lot last night (whole other story). Fire Fighters for putting out the house fires of the stupid people who deep fried their turkey in the garage,  To the Doctors and Nurses taking care of the people that got trampled.  And to the Movie Theater attendant who got me popcorn.  And all event staff and concession people at the football games, dealing with some people who drank WAY too much beer.

photo (22)

This is where I stood in line at Target – we got in line 5 minutes before the store opened.    From this point we were in and out of the store in 20 minutes and got everything we wanted.  Nice Work Mundelein, IL Target!!!!

I guess the moral of the story is, if you don’t want to shop on Thanksgiving, don’t.  If it’s part of somebody’s traditions, let it be their tradition.

Happy Holidays everybody!!!  Have fun shopping (or not lol)


Saving $ is kind of fun

As most of you know I am an Accountant with a spending problem, but recently I have embraced Coupons, Loyalty clubs, and Sales!!!  I am the type of person that if there is a loyalty card sign me up, I am alright with letting their email clog up my inbox!!

So here are the saving that I got this week so far

Sports Authority

Join The League (it’s free)  and get a $5 welcome reward which they gave us right away for signing up in store.  Earn Points with addition purchases and get 5% back and money saving coupons in your inbox.

photo (9)


As always get the Target Debit Card, the $ comes directly out of your checking account and you get 5% back on every purchase, even at Starbucks in Target stores!!!

While shopping and picking up some baby stuff, I found Up & Up Diaper Genie Re-fills.  Individual Diaper Genie Refills were $10 each (which I’m pretty sure is high but I live in Illinois now), and the 3 pack of the Up & Up Brand were just $15.  So far they have been working great and will keep getting those.

Diaper Pail


This is becoming my favorite store, their sales are awesome and they have a bunch of perks with their savings card.  Of course because I have a CVS spitting distance from my apartment I had to sign up for the ExtraCare Card (yup this one is free too).  In my shopping trip today here is what I got and what I saved.

2 Pints on Ben & Jerry’s – Sale 2 for $7 saved $3.98

1 12 Pack of Scott Toilet Paper – On Sale for $7.77 saved $3.22

1 Gallon of Milk – On Sale for $2.69 saved $.30

1 Quart Lemon Lime Gatoraid – On Sale for $1 Saved $1.37

2 Bags of Lays Potato Ships – On Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free  Saved $4.29

2 Girl Scout Candy Bars – On Sale 2 for $2 saved $.94

Total Savings$15.47

AND earned $1.50 in ExtraCare bucks to use on my next shopping trip.  Yup that’s FREE Money!!!

I will keep you updated on my summer saving and let you know if I find any other awesome deals along the way!!!

Happy Saving Everybody!!


What’s on Sale and New in April from Creative Memories

Hi All –

As Mother’s day gets closer it’s time to start thinking about what to get those ever important women in your life.  Most women love a gift with meaning, so wouldn’t it be awesome to give her a gift with pictures of her and the kids???  I can help and here is what is going on in April from Creative Memories

  • Host a party in April and you could get the Meaningful Moments Party Project for just $30.  The Meaningful Moments party project includes an 8×8 album, 12 pages and page protectors, the Vintage Chic Mat Pack, ABC Titles, a Tape Runner and a Cinnamon Dual Tip Pen
  • 15% SALE: Photo Panels, Wall Print Posters, Mugs, Mouse Pad and T-Shirts.  Not finished with your project?  No Problem, product Credit are available!!!!!
  • 20% SALE:  Save on cards including the 5×7 Flat and Folded Cards, Luxe Cards, 4×4 and 4xD Accordion Cards, and Corresponding Product Credits.  NOW is a great time
  • 20% SALE:  All Storybook and page print Product Credits . All orders must be placed through me to get credit call me at 262-989-4498 or email me at Stef.Lorello@gmail.com to place your orders.  Product Credits are good for 6 months!!!!!

April Party Flier


Digital products can be created on the Creative Memories Digital Center at http://digital.creativememories.com/home.aspx

Product Credits can be found on my Business Website at www.mycmsite.com/StefLorello

All Products can be customized using Storybook Creator 4.0.  Don’t have Storybook check out the free 30 trial at my website.  http://www.mycmsite.com/sites/steflorello/Content/Shop/FreeStorybookCreatorSoftware4.aspx

So going a long with the digital world and the fact that I know I am always attached to my phone I am so excited to announce that on April 15th Creative Memories is introduce Customize-able iPhone Covers!!!!!  Get an iPhone cover that NOBODY Else has with easy interchangeable metal plates so that you can change it up whenever you want to.

iPhone Cases


Use the designs already available to you on  the Creative Memories Digital Center or Create your own using the Storybook Creator 4.0 software.  I am so excited about this I have so many ideas of covers for both me and my husband!!!!!

Want to get some of this stuff for free and don’t live close to me???  No worries start a book party I can mail you a catalog and you can share all of the awesome products with your friends at work or around the neighborhood.  I just don’t want anybody to miss out on all of the cool things Creative Memories has to offer.

Thinking about starting your own business and getting to know great people and saving a little $ on your own hobby???  Start a Creative Memories business today.  Get started with our Consultant Kit $199 packed with over $500 worth of product.  Sell $500 worth of product in your first 30 days and get $100 Product certificates to redeem for products for yourself!!!!

Creative Memories has a very generous

Want to learn more about starting a business?  Call me at 262-989-4498, Email me at Stef.Lorello@gmail.com, or check out my website at http://www.mycmsite.com/sites/steflorello/Content/Consultant/BecomeConsultant.aspx




Thank you so much for visiting!!!  Please visit my facebook page for more project ideas and sale alerts


If you need anything or need ideas for project let me know

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend