Grocery Shopping? Have coupons? Quick shopping day coupon organization.

2015 got me really started on couponing and trying to save some $ at the grocery store.  I have no trouble getting coupons and clipping and putting them in my handy dandy coupon holder; but the trouble was when I was going to go to the store.   Continue reading


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

I hope everybody is having a fantastic holiday season and that everybody was on the “nice” list this year.   I am enjoying some much needed down time and sharing a blog post while finishing up some gifts for my family that is over 1,000 miles away.

Yes they are aware that their gifts are not coming until after Christmas.

What is amazing to me is how much more I talk with my family now that I am so far away in New York and they are in WI.   While we do text and email and Facebook.  I have actually talked to them more lately than I did pretty much ever when I was still in the Midwest.   I guess the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies to family as well!

This is the first Holiday season where we are alone, nowhere to go it’s just us, and that’s okay.  We can do whatever we want on our schedule.  It’s been nice.

So while the boys are napping I am catching up on stuff and getting things take care of off my list.

I have big plans for the blog in 2016 so stay tuned.  I have notes of at least half a dozen blog posts and I have to get moving.  It’s just a matter of getting ahead mainly because I have no idea what is going to be in store for me from January to May 1st.  I guess that’s what happens when you work for a tax company.  No I am not doing people’s taxes, but I might as well be.   Now I just have to get rid of this cold this week and get a ton of rest before that’s not an option either.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!!


Warm Tidings turns ONE!!!!!

I cannot believe a year has gone by since WarmTidings opened for Business.  It has been an incredible year both for the shop and for me.

The shop has evolved over the last year.  From hand made cards in the beginning to now, loads of invitations for Birthdays, Weddings, and more.

The best part about the shop are the people who ask me to create something for them that they either saw somewhere else or it’s something in their head.   The best part of it is that it’s another product that I can add to my site.   It’s so cool to hear about other people’s ideas and it’s even more awesome when I get the rare glimpse into how my project actually made it to the party!

Thank you for your support of WarmTidings, check back often to see more and more new things.    I have so many ideas I just have to get them created so that I can share with everybody.

Upcoming ideas:  Mickey & Minnie themed birthday, Royal blue wedding invitations.

What would YOU like to see on WarmTidings.

Check out WarmTidings and see if there is anything you like.  Thank you for reading the blog and checking out the shop here is a 15% of code for your next order  1STANNIVERSARY.  Code expires April 30, 2015

Please feel free to share the code with their friends!!

Be sure to also go and Like my Facebook Page WarmTidings by the Crafty Organizer to be up to date on all of the, ideas and new products coming.  Also please feel free to chime in with ideas and things you would like to see.

Thank you again for your support, now let’s get year 2 off to a great start!


1,000 Mile Journey – It’s truck day

I can’t believe it’s here.  So much has happened and I am preparing myself for complete exhaustion, let’s just hope the coffee maker doesn’t get broken in the move!

We are about 80% packed.  I still have to do the kitchen, but with as much as I have moved packing a kitchen is easy peezy.   Plus we are not leaving until tomorrow morning  so that makes packing up the truck less daunting.

Here is how we are doing with our AGENDA

  • Find a job – CHECK
  • Find somewhere to live – CHECK
  • Schedule moving truck – CHECK
  • Start purging and figuring out what we need to pack so we can figure out the supplies – IN PROCESS
    • Organize into Move, Sell, Toss categories.  And….GO
  • Get all necessary supplies, thank goodness I work for a wholesale distributor of that kind of stuff.  Can get it way cheaper and in bulk. – Shockingly enough Office Max saved the day with their brand banker’s boxes and coupons!!!  Saved a Ton of $$$
  • Start Packing – IN PROCESS
  • Keep Packing – KEEP GOING
  • Yup, it never ends
  • Take a break and spend some time with family and the Milwaukee Brewers – CHECK, Thank you to my sister for the awesome party it was so wonderful to see everybody!!!!
  • Pin some “How to pack a moving truck pins” on Pinterest – CHECK
  • On the way to get the truck make a couple of administrative stops
    • Bank
    • Post office
    • Get some more totes and a lock for the truck
  • Get the truck and start loading
  • Late morning Tuesday – We’re off!!!!

I was really sad yesterday when I had to leave my baby boy with his Grandparents.  I am eternally grateful to them for taking care of him and keeping him out of our way.  But I am still a little sad and I suck at goodbyes so needless today I teared up a bit (I am not too writing this).

Ok so just read our lease, I cannot wait until we can buy a house and we don’t have so many rules and regulations.  Ugh.

Time to get this day started.     Happy Monday Everybody!!!


Free Photo book Revamped

Hi everybody so sorry that has been a while since I have been crafty.  There has been so much going on, but I have my list of things that I want to post so I should be around a lot more.  I know you are excited!!!!

So I got this free photo book from CVS and I wanted to give it to my Mother-In-Law for her birthday and well it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be  Continue reading

Robin Williams – A tribute

I know a lot of people are going to be posting stuff about the incredibly sad death of Robin Williams.  I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from movies that are part of me and part of who I have become.  Ha it actually might explain a couple of things.

Aladdin:  Robin was of course was known as the Genie but seriously how much of this do you think the Disney people actually wrote??

We will never have a friend like you!

Popeye: Sleep Tight Swee’Pea’

Always eat your spinich


Because we have been there – Thank you Mrs. Doubtfire

While these are clips from only a select few of his movies.  Robin Williams was a comedic genius and will be missed by the world.   Of all of the celebrities that have died this one is hitting me the hardest.  Maybe because this time it wasn’t an accidental drug overdose.   Somebody who brought so much joy to so many people had so many demons that he couldn’t find peace with himself on this earth.  Rest in Peace Robin.


Weekly Coupon Fun

I am really bummed that I missed out on FIVE inserts in last week’s paper.  I wasn’t as organized as I typically am so this week I am going to start a little earlier than Sunday morning when I typically leave for the store by 9:30am.

My biggest source of coupons is from Swagbucks, remember that post from yesterday?  In case you missed it here is the link <SWAGBUCKS POST>.  Yup, you get to use the coupon and then get 10 swagbucks for every coupon you redeem.  It’s like double dipping.

So I print my coupons, if I have inserts I go through those.  I plan my meals for the week and make my list then it’s off to the store I go.  Remember to make your nifty grocery list pocket to keep all of your coupons together <Grocery List Pouch> I try really hard to actually go through the store in order and try to make sure I don’t miss anything so that I don’t have to back track.   Yeah well that never works.  On top of going through a Super Target twice I then have to go to two other stores.  It takes forever for me to get all of the shopping done, but I do have almost $50 a week so that’s a huge win in my book!!!

So now it’s time to get working on my list for tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everybody!!!


Introducing the Simply Elegant Wedding invite collection – now on Etsy

I have been working on some new things, clearly.    I also have some other great blog ideas so I’m hoping that some time will free up soon.  HA like that’s going to happen, watch for a blog post about managing a busy life.  🙂

I wanted to share a new collection of invitations that I did for my Etsy site, WarmTidings.   Next steps will be to create Thank yous, and other printable items available soon.  So my dear readers, please if you know anybody getting married and needing invitations or anything else, I work for cheap.

Now on to the good stuff.  I wanted to come up with an invitation that wasn’t really theamy, yes I just made up a word.  The thing that I love about these is that I can customize the color to whatever you want it to be.    The one thing I have noticed when you go to a printer or an invitation place, you are stuck with what they have and you can’t customize the wording.  Or if you can customize the wording you can’t customize the color.  And that’s where I come in.

I will create an invitation in less an 12 hours (typically) and send you a JPG file with the invitation to your exact specifications.  You can print them yourself or I can have them printed for you and they are done.

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for,  here is Simply Elegant

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much for visiting today!!!  Please be sure to check out the Etsy Site WarmTidings

Be back with more ideas, tips and tricks soon!!



Check out this card from a fellow blogger Jill. This is so cute and wanted to share with everybody!!!!

Crescent Number Nine

Well…who doesn’t like Despicable Me?? Its one of the most fantastic kids films there is. I particularly love Agnes, the unicorn-loving little girl because like her I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for unicorns…THEY’RE SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!! My nursery children also love to pretend to be Minions and this is where the inspiration came from for today’s card…

Minion Birthday Card

I started out with this design thinking it would be great for kids birthdays, but I quickly realised that really anyone who loves these little guys would love a Minion card so I think they are pretty multi-functional. They would actually make a great cheer-up card for someone a bit under the weather and I think with the addition of the phrase ‘you’re one in a minion!’ they would be great for valentine’s day too!

Despite it’s cute-ness and how much I love it, this card has almost given me nightmares because…

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