Grocery Shopping? Have coupons? Quick shopping day coupon organization.

2015 got me really started on couponing and trying to save some $ at the grocery store.  I have no trouble getting coupons and clipping and putting them in my handy dandy coupon holder; but the trouble was when I was going to go to the store.   Continue reading


September Project #1: DIY: Custom Framing Art on a Budget

Those that know me and my husband we do not like bare walls and we have a lot of art in the form of posters.  Framing items like prints and posters can be crazy expensive if you have it professionally done, so that wasn’t an option.   All of our art is framed in poster frames from Target, Walmart, or Michael’s.  Luckily enough most of the posters that we have are a standard size so we don’t have to worry about anything custom.

However there have been times when we have had to “Custom Frame” a print.

Here is what I do when I have to have something custom framed because it’s not a standard size but don’t want to break the bank and have somebody else do it.

Here is what you will need:

  • Black acid free Paper – Card stock works best, wouldn’t recommend construction paper
  • Scissors or straight trimmer
  • adhesive – tape runner, crafting glue
  • clear or black photo corners – will only need if your print is floating (I will explain below)






Cut strips of the black paper.  Make sure they are wide enough so that your print will overlap onto them.


Using the insert that is in every frame that we typically throw out.  Adhere the black strips onto the white side of the insert using your adhesive


Using clear photo corners I am going to Float the print in the frame.  Because the frame was the correct length then that worked well, but because the print was not wide enough we have to center it on the backing.


Once everything is in place, it’s time to put the frame back together and this is what you come up with.


For anybody wondering this was a limited edition Phish poster that we are very lucky to get because they sold out almost immediately!!!!

If the print was the correct height for the frame but not the right width you would not need the photo corners because it wouldn’t shift being up and down.  Like this one


So in about a half hour and using things you probably already have hanging around your house you can have a very professionally looking poster very quickly  🙂

Hope you enjoyed this project stay tuned for more and also don’t get too excited but the 31 days of Christmas will be returning this October so if there is something you want to see more of to help you will your holiday crafts let me know by leaving me a comment.

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See you soon