Getting back on Track with our Memories

I am over a year behind on my Family Photobooks.  I have not made it a priority and it’s starting eat away at me.  My toddler is starting to really get into pictures and I don’t want him just looking at pictures on my phone.  So it’s time to really get the books up to date.  I am through 2013 and only have a couple of pages of 2014.  I did however stay up to date enough that I could still get the 3rd edition of the “Jack Book” out to the family for Christmas, but that was the extent of what I got done.

So this week I am tasking myself with doing a page a day.  Hoping that will give me the momentum I need to get me back on track and caught up on our books so that we can all enjoy them.

I also want to make a point every month or couple of months for me and my husband to sit down and enjoy the books too.  They are for all of us not just me or just Jack.

For those that have photo albums, scrapbooks, etc. What do you do to enjoy them?  We all put some much time and effort into them that it seems like a waste to just leave them on the shelf.

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Now it’s time to get those photos organized and ready to go.  Next post…Organizing your photos!!!!

Be back soon!!!



It’s all about the Priority Flat Rate Box

While surfing Pinterest I found that I can make magazine holders from Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.  So, it got me thinking, what else can I use a flat rate box for?  For Valentines day I made a little scrapbook for Brian from Jack.  

To Create the pages I created mini 4×6 scrapbook pages using Creative Memories Story Book Creator 4.0.  Printed the pages on Photo Paper using my printer.  Measure in a priority mail box 4x 6 1/2 inch squares, 1 for ever 2 pictures (book is double sided) place the photos on the cardboard.  Punch holes on the side to get ready to bind your book.  Then use Paper clips to keep it all together.  

It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way of making something special for that special someone especially when it’s from the kids!!!!

I am now inspired to find more ways to use Priority Mail boxes!!!  

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