September Goals: Planning & Projects UPDATE

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So to help myself stay accountable for what I said I was going to get done this month I figured it was a good time to send an update.

Here is what I committed to completing the month of September

  • Learning Flash Cards for Jack – Done and Published
  • Learning Drawers for Jack – Have it planned out just need to get it done and write post
  • Curtain Tiebacks – Just have to pull out the sewing machine
  • Operation get more boxes out of our apartment – this is a work in progress we have gotten rid of about 6 boxes and have quite a few more to go.  Has to be done by the time we put the Christmas tree up  🙂
  • Better Desk Organization that won’t break the bank (Blog post)
  • Fall Decorating on a budget (Blog Post)

And here are a couple of things I am going to add to the list – just to keep it interesting for myself. 

  • Continue my Couch to 5k program and get signed up for my first 5k in 3 years
  • Halloween inspired treats for the family
  • Organize and start creating posts for the 31 days of Christmas (Currently have 5 ideas)
  • Continue working on my 2013 Scrapbook – Be updated through March by the end of the Month (I’m in January)

I also would love some feedback on what my readers want to see for the 31 days of Christmas coming every day this October  Vote below on what you want to see.

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Thanks for visiting!!!  Stay tuned for more updates and projects!!!!