Getting ahead for the week

When Sunday night rolls around I start thinking about what all has to get done in the coming week.   So I start making my list both on Paper and in my head.  I know now that keeping things in my head are not safe. Continue reading


Organization 101: Keep it simple, Keep it Balanced

The January 2014 issue of Real Simple Magazine has really been an inspiration to my organized life.

One Article in particular talked about the 9 Rules of Balanced Organizing

photo (27)

I mean really?  An article that is just one page tells a lot!!!! Here are the 9 mantras

  1. One in, one out:  Whenever something enters your home, give another item the boot.
  2. Thou shalt not transfer clutter:  Don’t bury the den to save the dining room
  3. Just (to) do it:  Consolidate all your to-do items into a single check-list, whether on your phone or on your refrigerator.
  4. A to Z (not A.D.D):  Fix one spot start to finish rather than jumping around from mess to mess
  5. Keep it where you use it:  Stash toner with the printer, chandelier bulbs in the dining-room console
  6. Have a place for nothing:  Aim to create one empty cabinet, shelf, or drawer in each room.  It’s your backup spot when the balance tips.  (and it will tip)
  7. Make Labels, not war:  Mark shelves, bins, and boxes so everyone in your home can help put things away.
  8. Doubles are trouble:  You don’t need two can openers or five pairs of tweezers.  Toss duplicates
  9. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again:  Organizing is a circle, not a straight line.  Roll with it.

What mantras are you going to live by?  Remember to keep it simple don’t try to do everything at once that only leads to burn out (it’s the same with diet and weight loss people!)

Have a great rest of your week!!!!!


What my typical week looks like – Planning ahead

I have previously posted about weekly organization and what works for you.  I have been using my “How Do I Do It?” Planner and it’s been working great. 


Here is what a page looks like before I write all over it. 

 photo (12)


Here is a typical week.  This week was even kind of tame.

 photo (13)

Here is what is on my list every week

  • What’s for dinner – typically planned on Saturday or Sunday so we only have to grocery shop once
  • When I’m going to go running – love the Couch to 5k training program
  • When Jack get’s a bath – not that I forget to do this (mommy brain) but it helps plan out the rest of the night
  • What blog posts I want to accomplish that week – this was one of them!
  • What projects I want to accomplish that week – this week it’s getting some Calendars made to get a jump start on Christmas gifts


My theory is if I don’t write it down it doesn’t get done.  I take this literally.  It has something to do with mommy brain, yes it really does exist.  Also, I feel much more accomplished if I can cross it off.  So with that said, I write down everything from what we are having for dinner to when Jack’s baths are.  I typically don’t write down everyday tasks like doing dishes or putting away laundry, those go on their own list. 


As you have probably already figured out I am the queen of lists.  I have always loved them as much as all of my journals and pens.  It has been an obsession since I was little.  Hence the blog name  J


What does YOUR typical week look like??

Want help? I am here for you, see the organization maven at work

As you can tell I love love love organizing and a I do my best to stay organized both a work and at home.  What’s even better than keeping myself organized is helping others get organized.  I had a friend at work that recognized my love of organizing and mentioned to me that her basement was a disaster.  So naturally I offered to help her get it organized and under control.  After a little bit of convincing she finally took me up on my offer.

So we set up a time for me to stay with her for a weekend (before I was married and had a kid) and said “Let’s do this”.  So not knowing what I was getting into she opened the door to the basement and the stairs were full of stuff, mainly because she didn’t want to go downstairs into the mess.  I was not at all discouraged.  This is what I walked into.



So then I came to the conclusion it was all about stations.  If anybody remembers the show on TLC called “Clean Sweep”, this was the approach I took. There were three piles to start, Keep, Sell, and Toss.  We categorized everything in the basement into those three categories and then we organized the keep pile.







We decided where everything should go.  Christmas decorations in one spot, baby stuff in another spot.  We found “homes” for everything that she wanted to keep so that not only would she be able to find exactly what she was looking for, but it ended up being a place where her young son could go ride his bike because, as you can tell it was a huge basement!!

Here is what that huge basement looked like when we were done.


This was  “baby land”  All of the things she wanted to keep from the time her son was born.

???Best part – Organized shelves!!!!

Want some help with your organization woes?  Whether it’s a basement, a closet, or a box of pictures, I am happy to help you with whatever you need!!!!

If you had to keep one thing organized in your life what would it be??’

Have a great day everybody

See you soon!!!