Last Minute Projects…get them all done by Christmas


While I am done Christmas shopping already, and even some of the gifts have been mailed off to family out of state, I do still have some projects that I need to tackle before Santa visits our home!!!

So how do you tackle getting things done while still dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and everything that comes with it?    It’s all about prioritization.  If you are making something for the first time, be sure to leave a little extra time.   Let’s face it you are Super Woman/Man but things come up.  My excuse is that I have a toddler running around chasing after me making everything take twice as long to complete when I am at home.  Case in point, said toddler has stopped me from writing 3 times already.  This post is taking forever to write!!  🙂

For the things that you have made before, crank those out, just get them done.  I have a couple of photo gifts I have to make and although I will do all of the printing at home, it’s best to not be doing these on Christmas eve!


  • Photo prints
  • Small photo story book
  • Blanket
  • Fast to Fabulous book

While this seems to be a lengthy list of things to complete in short time.  It’s doable.  And don’t worry I will be posting throughout the time.  Some posts may have to wait until after Christmas so that certain people don’t see what they are getting.  But at least with some time off of work it’s doable to get all of this done.

Hope you are staying on track with your Christmas Mayhem.  Thanks for visiting today!!



31 Days of Christmas: Day 20 – Countdown to Christmas

Happy Day 20:  It’s project day (and also my birthday) and I thought that it would be fun to tie in some of the elements we have used in the cards and the other projects we have done.  This project can be a fun family project or something to surprise the kids with.  It should take you under 2 hours.

Things you will need:

  • White Cardstock to print on
  • 12×12 piece of cardstock.  Preferably a lighter color so you can write on it
  • Double Sided tape, tape runner, or other type of adhesive
  • X-Acto knife or Share Scissors
  • Clear Contact Paper

Countdown to Christmas


Print the following 8×8 template on a heavy white cardstock


Do not cut out the 8×8 page.  It will be easier to laminate this way.  🙂


Place sheet face down on clear contact paper


Cut off excess contact paper


Trim down to the 8×8 page


Cut out 3 sides of each of the “days” using a sharp scissors or an X-acto knife


Once all of the “days” are cut out use a tape runner or glue on as much of the back as possible to adhere to another piece of cardstock


Trim Cardstock to make a nice boarder.  I used Grey shimmer cardstock that was originally 12×12



Add fun family things or sayings to each of the days using a marker and then your project is complete

I hope you enjoyed this project.  There are lots of variations.

  • You could cut out the whole square and fasten using brads.
  • You could add stickers for each day instead of writing something
  • Use a string or ribbon and hang from either adhesive on the back or punch holes in the backing cardstock.

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Get ready for more cards on Monday – Friday!!!


September Monthly Goals – Projects and Planning

As fall approaches its time to start thinking about project and getting ready because let’s face it the Holidays will be upon us before we know it.    So, here is what is on my list of things I want to accomplish this month.   There will be blog posts about each of them so watch for those!!!

  • Learning Flash Cards for Jack
  • Learning Drawers for Jack
  • Curtain Tiebacks
  • Operation get more boxes out of our apartment
  • Better Desk Organization that won’t break the bank
  • Fall Decorating on a budget

I also would love some feedback on what my readers want to see for the 31 days of Christmas coming every day this October  Vote below on what you want to see.


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Projects and bundles for March 2013

March Projects

Sometimes it’s easier to get started when its all ready to go for you. There is no guess work or figuring out what all goes together. Creative Memories has embraced the “project bundle” and makes it so easy to get projects completed. Whether you are a seasoned crafter or just starting out, the opportunities are endless and I want to help you find fresh ways to get those photos off the computer or out of the box.

Love You, Mom


Oh Happy Day


Memorable Moments


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