Getting back on Track with our Memories

I am over a year behind on my Family Photobooks.  I have not made it a priority and it’s starting eat away at me.  My toddler is starting to really get into pictures and I don’t want him just looking at pictures on my phone.  So it’s time to really get the books up to date.  I am through 2013 and only have a couple of pages of 2014.  I did however stay up to date enough that I could still get the 3rd edition of the “Jack Book” out to the family for Christmas, but that was the extent of what I got done.

So this week I am tasking myself with doing a page a day.  Hoping that will give me the momentum I need to get me back on track and caught up on our books so that we can all enjoy them.

I also want to make a point every month or couple of months for me and my husband to sit down and enjoy the books too.  They are for all of us not just me or just Jack.

For those that have photo albums, scrapbooks, etc. What do you do to enjoy them?  We all put some much time and effort into them that it seems like a waste to just leave them on the shelf.

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Now it’s time to get those photos organized and ready to go.  Next post…Organizing your photos!!!!

Be back soon!!!



It’s Ahni & Zoe Week!!!!


So to continue the introduction of  Ahni & Zoe here is that start of my Kick off Event.   Stay with me the good stuff is coming after the “administrative” stuff.  🙂  I PROMISE!!!!  Be sure to read the whole post there is some exciting stuff at the bottom!!!!


We picture a world in which every woman can be the author of her own life story, additing meaning and joy to her life and the lives around her

Our Mission

We exist to insprie people to pull photos off the devices and into the lives…with products that help connect families and friend to unforgettable moments, letting them know they’re loved.  We take great joy in providing a fun a rewarding opportunity that encourages all to seize the moements that make up their beautiful lives.

Our Beliefs

We believe in Women.  Building a community of fabulous friend and strong families.  Connecting in new ways and inspring each other every day

We believe in opportunity.  Erasing boundaries.nnInstilling confidence.n  Achieving success – however you define it

We believe in giving.  Offering smiles and the change to make a difference.  Sharing the joy of photos with family and friends.

We believe in our future.  Knowing there’s limited time, but unlimited potential.  Let’s be brilliant and brave



The Catalog is available online CLICK HERE

This is what it’s all about and if you follow me on the the 7th – That’s THIS SATURDAY.  I am going to be featuring product specifics throughout the day.  But here is your sneak peak at what availble NOW when you place orders on my website. or directly through me.   So I’m going to stick with the stuff that’s available now.  there is more coming next year (that’s next month already, can you believe it?) but want to focus on what you can get NOW!!!

Fast to Fabulous albums ($49.50)

  • Preassembled
  • Predesigned
  • Winner of the 2012 DSA Most Innovative Product of the Year
  • Refill pages also available separately
  • 11 Different Designs
  • Wedding Themes/Baby Themes/General Themes
  • Interchangeable pages with Slide in Albums

Slide in Albums ($39.50)

  • 12×12
  • 4 Different Colors
  • Horizontal or vertical pages
  • Interchangeable pages with Fast to Fabulous
  • Slide in packs to dress up your slide in albums (11 Designs available)
  • Large Single pocket pages available separately

Refill Pages/Slide in Packs

  • Fast to Fabulous $29.50
  • Multi-Pocket Pages $19.50
  • Large Single Pocket Pages $19.50
  • Slide in Packs $9.50

Magnetic Displays $59.50

  • 16×16 inch frame
  • Hanger for easy mounting
  • Includes 4 magnets
  • Extra magnets available $9.50

Photo Box $9.50

  • Store up to 150 photos
  • Holds 5×7 and 4×6 prints
  • Small size promotes easy storage and portability


  • Pens (Black, Brown, Gold and Silver) $3.50 each
  • Tape Runners $9.50, (Refill $8.50)

In-a-wink (coming in 2014)

  • Picture storage online 
  • Photo Print Plans (Automatically prints)
  • Only for iPhone in the beginning (PC and Android coming very soon)

ok so do I have your attention with the FABULOUS products that Ahni and Zoe have to offer???  Want to learn how to get products for FREE!!!!

Hosting is easier than ever!! 

 Just for hosing you get ANY product HALF OFF

When your party reaches $250 (not hard to do ladies) you will earn 10% in MORE FREE PRODUCT. 

If your friends had a TON of fun at the party then you will earn even more!!!

Get those calendars out because The first lucky person to schedule their Ahni and Zoe party with me will get that

1 product for FREE!!!!!

 Hope you got at least a little bit excited by this overview.  For the rest of the week I will go more into hosting and starting your own business and on Saturday I will have more in depth overviews of the products.  Thanks for visiting today!!!!!

See you soon



Scrapbooking made easy

As most of you know I am a digital scrapper.  I love having awesome layouts and really cool pages to display my pictures.  However, living in an apartment it’s very difficult to stay organized.  On top of that, finding a good chunk of time to work on it so that I get something done is difficult when there is a toddler running around.  So, almost 10 years ago I turned to digital scrapbooking.  I created my pages with my digital photos and printed them and put them in a binder.  Many many books later I am still at it.  I am little more behind on my projects than I would like to be at this point, but it’s a lot easier to get caught up this way.

In an effort to get caught up I took some time to work on my 2012 book and I thought I would share some layouts that help bring out the best in what I am trying to say.

Telling a story with your page

Baby and his puppy


Sometimes the pictures that you take at a particular time lend themselves to tell a story, not from your point of view but of whomever is in the picture.   I have many books where they are written from the perspective of my son, our dog, or our cat.  🙂

Telling a Story

Story Page


Similar to the other layout.  This one tells a story in order of what happened over the course of about 2 minutes.  Babies are crazy and thank goodness for digital cameras.

Themed Layouts

Theme Page


Creating a themed layout is as easy as incorporating color.  Adding the Italian Flag behind these pictures makes it super easy to figure out that we were at some kind of Italian festival.

No words at all

No words Scrapbook Page


And sometimes the pictures just speak for themselves and you don’t need words or embellishments.    I find myself using layouts like this a lot more mainly because I take a lot of pictures.  But also there isn’t a particular story, it’s just candid shots of my family and having those is what I love about scrapbooking and having pictures to look at.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Be back soon with more layout ideas!!


What’s on Sale and New in April from Creative Memories

Hi All –

As Mother’s day gets closer it’s time to start thinking about what to get those ever important women in your life.  Most women love a gift with meaning, so wouldn’t it be awesome to give her a gift with pictures of her and the kids???  I can help and here is what is going on in April from Creative Memories

  • Host a party in April and you could get the Meaningful Moments Party Project for just $30.  The Meaningful Moments party project includes an 8×8 album, 12 pages and page protectors, the Vintage Chic Mat Pack, ABC Titles, a Tape Runner and a Cinnamon Dual Tip Pen
  • 15% SALE: Photo Panels, Wall Print Posters, Mugs, Mouse Pad and T-Shirts.  Not finished with your project?  No Problem, product Credit are available!!!!!
  • 20% SALE:  Save on cards including the 5×7 Flat and Folded Cards, Luxe Cards, 4×4 and 4xD Accordion Cards, and Corresponding Product Credits.  NOW is a great time
  • 20% SALE:  All Storybook and page print Product Credits . All orders must be placed through me to get credit call me at 262-989-4498 or email me at to place your orders.  Product Credits are good for 6 months!!!!!

April Party Flier


Digital products can be created on the Creative Memories Digital Center at

Product Credits can be found on my Business Website at

All Products can be customized using Storybook Creator 4.0.  Don’t have Storybook check out the free 30 trial at my website.

So going a long with the digital world and the fact that I know I am always attached to my phone I am so excited to announce that on April 15th Creative Memories is introduce Customize-able iPhone Covers!!!!!  Get an iPhone cover that NOBODY Else has with easy interchangeable metal plates so that you can change it up whenever you want to.

iPhone Cases


Use the designs already available to you on  the Creative Memories Digital Center or Create your own using the Storybook Creator 4.0 software.  I am so excited about this I have so many ideas of covers for both me and my husband!!!!!

Want to get some of this stuff for free and don’t live close to me???  No worries start a book party I can mail you a catalog and you can share all of the awesome products with your friends at work or around the neighborhood.  I just don’t want anybody to miss out on all of the cool things Creative Memories has to offer.

Thinking about starting your own business and getting to know great people and saving a little $ on your own hobby???  Start a Creative Memories business today.  Get started with our Consultant Kit $199 packed with over $500 worth of product.  Sell $500 worth of product in your first 30 days and get $100 Product certificates to redeem for products for yourself!!!!

Creative Memories has a very generous

Want to learn more about starting a business?  Call me at 262-989-4498, Email me at, or check out my website at




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If you need anything or need ideas for project let me know

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend


Photo Editing with Creative Memories Memory Manager

Happy Easter Everybody,

I know I don’t take perfect pictures every time and some times pieces of one picture are better than others.  There are a lot of photo editing software out there.  Most people have heard of Photoshop.  I had photo shop and while it is really awesome it was really hard to figure out and there were a lot more features in it than I would ever need.

So, for all of my editing needs I use Memory Manager by Creative Memories.   Organize your photos, adjust colors, sharpen, soften, and of course crop.  But, one of my favorite features is the Cloning feature.  Where you can take something from the picture you are working in and get rid of it or take something from another picture and bring it into the picture you want to edit.

Here is an example of cloning that I did with two pictures of my son and dog.    One picture the dog was looking at me but my son was blurry and the other my son was looking at me and the dog was looking away.

Blurry Baby

photo (3)

Dog looking away

photo (4)

Combine the two together and there you have it


Another feature that I use all of the time is making the picture black and white but leaving one thing colored.  This can also be done with Memory Manager

Unedited Picture


Everything made black and white but the lighthouse


Interested in learning more about Memory Manager?  Check out my website to learn everything you need to know, or just send me an email at with any questions you have!!!

Memory Manager Page:  Click here!


Facbook Page:  Stef Lorello – Independent Creative Memories Consultant

It’s A Boy…It’s A Girl.. NEW Fast to Fabulous Albums from Creative Memories

Do you love the look and feel of scrapbooks, but get completely overwhelmed by the idea of putting one together?  Creative Memories has come up with an fabulous solution for just that issue.  A pre-bound, designed and laid out book where you just add your personal touches.  It is called the Fast to Fabulous Album.  These albums are a perfect way to start getting your precious pictures into albums.

The two newest additions to the Creative Memories Fast to Fabulous are It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl. These albums make it so easy for a new mommy or grandma or anybody in the family to put their favorite pictures into an album in just an afternoon.  

The system comes with a 12×12 album with pre-loaded pages and features double-sided preprinted pages, stickers, die-cut shapes and foam squares that turn your memories into an instant treasure. The album features a printed design on the cover and includes page protectors to protect your cherished photos.

Prices for these albums is $68 each and are available starting March 1st on my website. or through me at any time.

It's A Girl It's A Boy


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Interested in having a party to get these albums and other things for discounted prices or even free?  Book Parties and Home parties are available.  Reach out to me TODAY to book your fabulous party and fun times with friends and Family.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, stay tuned for more new products throughout the week.



P.S I Love You

What do you think of when you hear P.S. I Love You?   Going on right now it is a special project through Creative Memories.  It’s 24 beautiful hand made cards for those special someones in your life.  I made mine today in about 30 minutes.  There is no guesswork because there are even instructions.



Interested in making these cards yourself.  There is still time to order this project.  Contact me via email or Phone/text 262-989-4498 to be able to make these cards yourself!!!

Creative Memories is also launching their Spring/Summer Catalog on March 1st.  Want to be added to the email list to be the first to know all of the cool things that are going on and what’s on sale?  Send me an email at and I will add you.

Want to have a Girls Night in and learn about all of the WONDERFUL things you can do with your PICTURES????  Host A Party in March and I will give you an extra special gift in addition to all your hostess benefits.

Hostess Benefits
Inline image 2
check out my Facebook page for all sales and ideas that photo preservation has to offer.



February Virtual Card Party – 1 Hour 24 Cards for under $1.50 each. Drawing for Free stuff!!!

Do you love giving or receiving home made cards?  I am hosting a virtual card party in February.  This month’s party project is making 24 beautiful hand made/personalized cards in about an hour.

Price:  $35.50 (+ tax & shipping) that’s just $1.48 per card
Here his what you get
Inline image 2
  • 12 4×5 die-cut note cards
  • 12 4×5 blank folded cards
  • 24 envelopes
  • 1 sheet of die cut shapes
  • 1 sheet of title stickers
  • 1 sheet of foam squares
  • 1 sheet of epoxy stickers
  • 1 silver metallic pen
How it works:
  1. Order your card kit through me.  Email me at with your order, Call/text me at 262-989-4498
  2. Complete your cards
  3. Email or text me a picture of your cards 
  4. All participants will entered into a drawing for free stuff.  Drawing winner announced March 1st.
If we get more than 8 ladies participating.  The winner of the drawing will get the “Party” hostess credit and have all the benefits of a party hostess.  Otherwise they will get refunded for their card kit and a $10 Gift Certificate to be used on a future purchase!
Hostess Benefits
Inline image 2

Small Business Saturday…Big Inventory Sale!!!!

In Honor of Small Business Saturday I am offering some deep discounts on my Inventory.  I am not going to use it so might as well offer it to somebody that WILL use it.  See the Pictures Below. Prices (tax included) are below each picture.  FREE SHIPPING!!!

Quick reminder that I am running a 20% off sale on the ENTIRE Creative Memories catalog until November 30th!!!!  Place your orders today!!!

I also have some Spectacular, Inexpensive, and memorable Christmas Gift Ideas.  Want to give photo gifts?  I can help!  Shoot me an Email!!

Pictures will also be posted on my facebook page.  If you have not already liked my page here is the link.  Stef’s Creative Corner.  New People that Like my Page will be entered into a Drawing for a $10 Creative Memories Credit!!!

Please email me if you are interested or have any questions on these products  Items will be sold on a first come first serve basis.


12×12 Celebrate Shimmer Album $20

12×12 Reflections Album $20

Nancy O’Dell Page Planner $15

Baby Girl Display Accents $10

Black and White Power Pallet $30

31 Days of Christmas: Day 30 – Christmas Tags

It’s the final Tag Tuesday and hoping that you have loved all of the tags we have made so far.  Tonight’s Tag project  doesn’t have just one tag but there are 3.  Yes 3.  Three posts for the price of one tonight.  Get your favorite cardstock and punches ready for these really cute and super simple tags!!!!

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you enjoyed tonight’s tag idea.

See you tomorrow.