1,000 Mile Journey: We get the truck in a week

So…Much…Purging.  It’s crazy to think about how much stuff we have accumulated over the course of 15 months, how much stuff we moved the last time and now much stuff I REFUSE to move again.  Needless to say, black garbage bags are my friend the last couple of days, that and my shredder.  I have also come to terms that I am a bit of a notebook hoarder!!  It’s sad, but it’s true.  It goes along with the name of the blog after all, but I really need to stop moving so many notebooks, just so then I can go and buy more.  Is there a meeting for Paper Hoarder’s Anonymous ??

Ok so here is where we stand on the AGENDA

  • Find a job – CHECK
  • Find somewhere to live – CHECK
  • Schedule moving truck – CHECK
  • Start purging and figuring out what we need to pack so we can figure out the supplies – IN PROCESS
    • Organize into Move, Sell, Toss categories.  And….GO
  • Get all necessary supplies, thank goodness I work for a wholesale distributor of that kind of stuff.  Can get it way cheaper and in bulk. – Shockingly enough Office Max saved the day with their brand banker’s boxes and coupons!!!  Saved a Ton of $$$
  • Start Packing – IN PROCESS
  • Keep Packing – KEEP GOING
  • Yup, it never ends
  • Take a break and spend some time with family and the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Get the truck and start loading
  • Next afternoon – we are off.

I have a couple more projects I want to get through the next couple of days.  Such as “Operation, get the paper onto my computer, it’s lighter” and “Operation, I’m not a traditional crafter so I don’t need all of these supplies”.  The latter is underway and some great ladies I hooked up with may be buying most of my stuff.  I would rather get it to somebody cheap and know they are going to use it than throw it out so I don’t have to move it.  Scrapbooking and Card-making is an expensive hobby, so if I can help somebody else out it’s totally worth it.

Today I sold my Sizzix, remember I was going to make it big with my jersey cards.  Yeah that didn’t work by the way.  But the lady that bought it off me, for a great deal, is using it at her crop events in McHenry IL, where they supply all of the equipment and all of the proceeds from the event go to Relay for Life.  It’s awesome and I am so happy that I could contribute!!

Okay going to go and throw out some more crap before we have to go and get the kid.   Also hoping to get some new wedding invitation designs up early this week on my Etsy shop (CLICK HERE) Have a great Sunday everybody.



Mother’s Day Card: Tin Ceiling

Happy Tuesday everybody.  I finally got my Mother’s Day cards done over the weekend and wanted to share.  (Sorry mom if you see this and aren’t surprised by your card!!).  I wanted to come up with something with a vintage feel and of course I wanted to use my new toy.    Hope you like the idea!!!

First off here is the list of tools that I used to make the card:

I made 2 of these and they took me roughly 15 minutes.

  • Sizzix
  • Wildflower vines embossing plate
  • Silver Metallic Card stock
  • Decorative Paper
  • Reflections blank greeting cards either in White or Ivory (purchased from Michael’s) roughly a 5×7 size folded
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers


I cut squares to fit in the plate out of the silver metallic card stock.  You don’t have to be super precise here, you will trim them anyway.

IMG_7567You need 4 or more squares for each card

Adhear the 4 squares to the card to make it look like a tin celing


Knowing that I was going to be putting “Mom” on the card I put a center piece in to help make sure that the letter laid nicely


Using the Sizzix I made the word “Mom” from my Block talk plate and fancy purple paper I had


After looking at the card I knew it needed a little something extra so I colored in some of the flowers.


Add a nice note and picture on the inside and done!   I won’t show you the inside, my mom needs some kind of surprise for Mother’s day!!!

Hope everybody has a great rest of their week and a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there!!!!


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Cards, Cards, Cards – Cutting paper is fun

As I am trying to use up my vast amount of supplies and trying to come up with some new things so that I can perfect them and list them on the Etsy site.  ———> Link on the right!!!    You will see below that I created 3 cards that I am trying to just get the ideas out there and testing some new ideas.  Would love feedback on any of them.

Card #1

Here is an Easter card I came up with.  The point was to have a sunrise in the back the crosses and He’s risen are printed on velum and then I made a border.   They are put on a 4×6 card with foam squares to give more depth.

card with velum overlay

the background could maybe use some work but you get the idea.  I have more ideas for this one and will work on other variations.

Card #2

A sympathy card that I made for the Mother-In-Law.    I wanted to use the velum again and was trying to figure out the best way to keep it muted!

card with velum and bling

I made the grey background out of the shimmery sliver paper.  I cut the velum long so that it would wrap around the sides so that I could secure it in the back.  I then added a boarder which luckily fit.  It wasn’t exactly planned when I made the “with Sympathy” and then added bling embellishments on the sides.   This card ended up being extra special for my mother in law because the flowers for Nana’s funeral were all White and Red, which I didn’t know.  Intuition at it’s finest.

Card #3

Super simple Easter card.   This is what happens when you only have an hour to make 3 cards.

Simple Easter card

I used my favorite new tool, my sizzix bigkick, to create the letters in various colors.  I wasn’t even going to attempt to try to make them straight so I deliberately made them whimsy.    Added a flower and some bling embellishments and off we went.

Hope you liked these card ideas.  There will be more to come as I come up with ideas and please go and check out the Etsy site for all your invitation needs.  Prices for digital cards are just $5 and I have them done in less than 24 hours!!!

Have a Happy Easter Everybody!!!!

See you soon!!!




New ideas – Products coming soon!!!

Hi everybody,

I have been in Etsy mode.  I have so many ideas and wanted to get your thoughts  🙂

Here are some things I am tossing around in my head.

  • Updates to my Digital Disney Cars invites, got some inspiration from my first order
  • Digital Disney Frozen invites coming
  • Bridal Party thank-you notes.   Custom color to match your bridal party.  Can also create a custom inside to be an invitation to a shower or the rehearsal dinner.
  • Shower invites (Baby or Wedding) featuring a velum overlay

These ideas are just in my head right now and will hopefully get some of them created this weeks so I can share with you.

Most posts coming, I did some creating with my Sizzix this weekend!!! Excited to share.



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Thanks for visiting and as always your feedback is appreciated.

Be back soon!!!!


Sizzix Deal on Overstock.com

Hi everybody had to share the great deal that I got on a Sizzix BigKick machine on Overstock.com.

I just got the Machine and 2 dies for $54.89.  CLICK HERE

Today the Bundle is $60.99

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All orders over $50 are FREE SHIPPING

So the math works to $54.89



The deal includes the following

      The Sizzix BIGkick machine with two die designs will emboss or etch beautiful designs onto different shapes of Vintaj blanks. Included with the BIGkick is a pair of standard cutting pads and the solo platform and shim for your convenience.
    • Color: Tan, brown, turquoise
    • Model: 30291
    • Accommodates material up to: 6 inches x 12 inches
    • Designs included: Wildflower vines, forgotten times
    • Type of cartridge or die included: DecoEtch & DecoEmboss dies for use with Vintaj metal blanks and malleable metals only.(Other dies sold separately)
    • Kit, package or single item: Kit
    • Product can be used with: Dies also compatible with Big Shot, BIGkick, Big Shot Pro
    • Embossing: Yes
    • Suggested user level: All
    • Included accessories: Standard cutting pads, solo platform/ shim
    • Materials: Solid core steel rollers, unibody cast roller housing, solid steel gears, high torque motor, ABS plastic exterior
    • Dimensions: 12-1/4 inches x 6 inches x 14.5 inches
    • Imported